Saturday, December 14, 2013

#NCNP Sleigh Race #nipclub

#NCNP Sleigh Race Team 3 Team Captain @kittehboi.
#NCNP Sleigh Race Team 3
Clydesdale Beer Sled

I hadz much fun at da #NCNP Sleigh Race at Nipclub Monthly. I was Captain of da Team 3 Clydesdale Beer Sled with da @sisfurcats Bugs and Chilipepper.

Da beeyootyful @hookalopes, Goddesses of the night, added a touch of class to da race. Also along for the ride were my baboon pal @Kolo Martin, the famous @George the Duck and my alter ego #MiniBreeze.

My twitter pals @Winston Tabby and @Barnabas Kitten rounded off the crew.

I dussnt know who won da race but we all hadz blast!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Etiquette and #nipclub DJing

#nipclub CHICAGO! on Twitpic

Purrr Miss Shayna wrote a post on Nipclub Monthly dis morning called Kudos To Our Pawesome DJs! which outlines the etiqette surrounding #nipclub pawty music. Since we all attend each other's pawties, I like to share Shayna's post along wif my thoughts. (I haz so few of dems.)
There are lots of different ways you can enjoy the music. Some pals like to sing along, some like to dance, some RT the music links and some just like to listen. All of those are absolutely fine, and all our DJs love it when someone tweets that they (or even their humans!) are singing, dancing or simply enjoying listening to the music. That always makes a DJ’s day!

What it’s not acceptable to do at NipClub, though, is to interrupt a DJ’s set by tweeting other song links or videos on the timeline, or “virtual DJ’ing”, which involves calling out song titles or lines of other songs. I know that these are both accepted practices on another hashtag, which has a very different atmosphere and purpose from our own, but at NipClub they’re considered disrespectful and disruptive to our DJs and we don’t allow them.

Shayna's post really hit home because I recently experienced devastating culture shock - and lost a great furend - trying to help out at another pawty where DJs aren't supposed to play music! I was hurt and confused because of my high #nipclub expectations. Even if I were welcome back, which I'm not because I peed on the furniture and climbed the curtains, I'm just not suited to their culture. I have a pretty deep knowledge of music prior to the '80s and going back to the 20s I have a passing familiarity. I like my DJ sets to be on topic. For instance,
MONDAY, AUGUST 2, 2010 #nipclub Covers Set - old moosics den modern versions.
Memphis Minnie - When the Levee Breaks ♫
Get da led out! Led Zeppelin - . ♫

What Shayna said in her post isn't something she pulled out of her ear to come to my defense. I began DJing at @FrugalDougal's original #pawpawty in 2009. Dougal's Paws Around The World did a lot of good for animals and I will never forget the evil ones who chased my furend off twitter.
Fergusthedog says
"Show the anipals a great time during your DJ set make them scream, shout, shake, waggle and roll."
Play that funky music

Fancy yourself as a bit of a DJ? Well here is your chance to show the Twitterverse what you are made of. All of the anipals below just love to find great tunes that match the theme of each event. Have fun and make new pals, go on you know you want to.

These guys have spent a lot of time and effort putting together a play list that reflects the theme of the pawty.

While it is OK to blip the odd tune every now and then, please don't take over the DJ's slot.

Thx you for reading, dear friends.

Further info: How Pawpawty Works.
The Twitter Hashtag: What Is It and How Do You Use It?
FrugalDougal - Paws Around The World
PawPawty Home - Helping anipals around the world one paw at a time
Nipclub Monthly - How to Pawty

Sunday, November 17, 2013

#MiniBreeze Meets a Bird

OMC MiniBreeze went to da Fluffya Zoo!
Yellow-knobbed Curassow a panfur bird!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Grooveshark Broadcast

Update: Grooveshark is no longer active. Links have been removed.

Purr I haz been DJing at @cathound7's (Charles Lance) #HealingPurrsPawty. It a lot of funs and I likes to talk wif pals instead of tweeting one song at a time. Guess what? Grooveshark does broadcasts my playlist likes a radio station SOOOO I lookin at Help.

Grooveshark › Help› Broadcast

Dis me, kittehboi's Grooveshark Profile!

How do I join another user's broadcast:You don't even need to log in to listen! Go to their broadcast page just click "Join Broadcast".
Managing Suggestions:
  • Click on the "+" symbol to approve it and have it added to your queue.
  • Click the "x" to remove the suggestion.
  • From within the Chat you can click the play button to preview & approve the suggestion or click the "x" to delete it.
How do I start a broadcast?
To begin broadcasting, click the "Start Broadcast" button in the bottom right of your queue at any time. If you already have songs in your queue, it will start broadcasting with those songs. If your queue is empty, you can start the broadcast and then add songs to the queue as you go.
Can I turn chat off during a broadcast?
Absolutely. There is a Chat On/Off button right underneath the chat box. This can be enabled at any time during the broadcast. You can also go to Edit > Settings to see the option to disable and enable chat.
Can I transfer my broadcast controls to another user?
Yes! You can do this by clicking on "Listeners" then the gear icon next to the user you want to hand your broadcast over to and choose "Transfer Broadcast". Once that user accepts the broadcast they will gain complete control over it. You can also do this in the Chat section - hover over the user, click the gear icon, transfer broadcast.

New Brattitude Jigsaw Puzzles

OMC A new brattitude for my Brat Lessons! *Hats off to @NoHair Atall!
Cats must help Mom with the jigsaw puzzles.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#MiniBreeze and @Mariodacat

OMC, #MiniBreeze did meet Mariodacat. He a bery sweet boy. Dey snuggled and went to sleeps!
@Mariodacat and me getting ready to take a nap at end of day.
Tired from all the fresh air.

Monday, September 30, 2013

My New Furend Toby the Baboon

Purrr a package arrived from da UK. It was a strange package wif something moving in it. I hads to investigate!

It a package from @kolo_martin and what IS dis? I get it out of da bag.

OMC! @kolo_martin sent a baboon and I adopted him! He has his own bloggy called "Adventures of Toby Baboon."

Da baboon say his name is Toby.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

OMC I *7* years old! #nipclub Birthday

OMC it September 19th! Two great tings happen today. First, it is my birfday! I am now 7 and I'd say I'm well into mancathood. Second, I shares dis day wif Frankie Figs.

Last but not least, it is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Avast Ye Swabs!

Purrr My furends gibbing me SO MUCH BIRFDAY CAKE I wants to share wif efurrybody!

@RealFakeGator Happy Birthday @kittehboi!! Special cake just for you, arrrrrrgh!

@NancyCakeFace HAPPY BIRTHDAY MrB!purrrs, kissies & ((HUGS))

Willy Happy Birfday 2U Mr.B

Sunday, September 15, 2013

#MiniBreeze Sunday Wif @grrlysquirrel75

Sunday wif Topaz @grrlysquirrel #MiniBreeze

Purrr Minibreeze did hang out wif da pretteh panfurlady Topaz in Boston. Miss Michelle is bery nice!

MiniBreeze is my avatar. He travels to meet my furends. MiniBreeze can visitz you too. Read how on his bloggy.

Topaz and #MiniBreeze relaxing on a Sunday morning

Photo credit:
Michelle Stringer
The Best Me That I Can Be

@MaggieTKat Norty Cougar Award!

OMC Miss Maggie a NORTY COUGAR!!!

Maggie Tortie Kat ‏@MaggieTKat 37m
@kittehboi @MavTheTiger It's a long running, um, thing, if you know what I mean....
Maverick✨The✨Tiger ‏@MavTheTiger 13m
@MaggieTKat all in Maggie's head! MOL!!! @kittehboi

You may pick up your Norty Cougar Award now!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

OMC, Linkys iz Broken!

OMC, Links on my bloggy go nowhere! Dat make it so hard for you reading my bloggy.

I used da Online Broken Link Checker. It scans webpages for bad hyperlinks.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Goodbye @HomerBlindCat

OMC! I haz leaky eyes because dat heroic Homer the Blind Wonder Cat went OTRB.

@HomerBlindCat was a sweet blind panfer boi whose mama, author Gwen Cooper, adopted him at 4 weeks old. Despite being blind, Homer was very brave, so brave his mama even wrote a book about him, Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned about Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat.

Goodbye, sweet Homer.

Homer plays wif catnip in dis video and his mama reads from her book about da day she met a sweet little blind kitten.

Read more about dear Homer on Gwen Cooper's bloggy.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

#Minibreeze Meeting @Kolo_Martin's Awbrey @Danapixie's House

OMC MiniBreeze haz a new furiend! His name is Awbrey and he is @Kolo_Martin's baboon! I meeted him at @danapixie's house.

Awbrey and me in a sunpuddle on the stairs....

Purrr Awbrey is very nice!

We have become good pals!

Photo credits:
Dana Moody

Saturday, August 24, 2013

MiniBreeze Visitz!: #minibreeze at @danapixie's house!

Purrr OMC MiniBreeze is visiting Miss Dana and TSK!

MiniBreeze Visitz!: #minibreeze at @danapixie's house!

Iz tired after my travels.

TSK has shown me the top tower of his cat tree!!

Photo credits:
Dana Moody

Friday, August 23, 2013

OMC, I accepted to #PawFleet Academy!

Purrr it such an honor to be on #pawfleet Waiting List

*Puffs up chest and dons formfitting future jumpsuit...*

#nipclub Bugs! Playlist

#nipclub theme was Bugs tonight!

Purrr here some of my furends in costume:

livvyoldcat RosieRoseLA eCat_hikes TinyPearlCat Meow_Girls Spanielopolis Bea_Bells RealFakeGator

Listen to my Bugs Playlist on Grooveshark.

Check out what I'm listening to, follow me, or search for your favorite tunes.

I've switched to grooveshark because doesn't know how to auth in twitter any more.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday #Photohunt - BLUE

Purrrr Playing The Saturday PhotoHunt today!

@Boomiethecat I iz gettin reddy for dat blue jay #pawpawty!
I lubs me some blue!

Da lady say to tell you I not really nomming da Bluebird of Happiness.

Monday, August 5, 2013

MiniBreeze Wants To Visit!

OMC, it MiniBreeze!

#MiniBreeze is a plush panfur who want to visit my furends. Read more on he bloggy, MiniBreeze Travels!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

OMC! My Sekret Out!

Purrrr Dat old @sisfurcats Chilipepper do shakes paws when she want a brushin. She even offers paw to tell da lady to brush her.


Da lady been trying to teach ME to shake paws since I bin here. I noms her hand ebery time she touches my dainty little manpanfer paw. No WAY! I'm a proud panfer. #panfersrule!


Da lady brought home a new treat today and it was amazingly nommy. She said "Shake" and I put my paw in her hand wifout tinking.

OMC! My Sekret Out!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Review: Nature's Miracle Port-A-Crate

@Sisfurcat Chilipepper stole my cat house!!!

I bought the Nature's Miracle Port-A-Crate locally and liked it very much.

The thing I want to emphasis is the quality. Heavier canvas, reinforcement at the stress points.

Nature's Miracle Port-A-Crate comes in several sizes. Pick the size based on the weight of your pet and what you'll be using it for. Even though I only weigh 15 lb we got the 40 lb size with the intention of using it as a tent rather than as a carrier.

The Nature's Miracle Port-A-Crate's frame is stronger than on some tents for humans. This over-specification will add years to the life of the product. It's easy to put up and easy to take down. There are handy straps to hold it together when folded for storage.

I don't use the top opening, but I suppose it would be handy for picking up a pet without giving him the opportunity to escape. I also don't use the end opening. I leave the side open and just hang out in it, shielded from the sun.

Mesh windows in the closed sides enable me to keep an eye out in all directions.

If you're looking for a tough soft-sided crate that can be folded for storage, the Nature's Miracle Port-A-Crate is it.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

#Chilipawty Friend Block

Purr thx to all who attended #chilipawty for @sisfurcats Chilipepper's 16th birthday!! Miss Chili enjoyed da attention but especially her TUNA cake!!

Dis furiends who joined via Twtvite.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

National Geographic's "Cat Shots"

Purrr in 1998 National Geographic went through years and years of photos looking for pictures of cats. Dis book da result. We are efurrywhere, efurry time!

Purr dis edition only available used. I loves dat little grey kitteh and his ballerina's long long legs. MOL!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cinco De Mayo #Chilipawty!!!!

Happy 16th birthday, Miss Chilipepper!

Please celebrate with us on

May 5, 2013 2PM-8PM EDT

Cinco De Mayo #Chilipawty


Cinco De Mayo #Chilipawty 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

Goodbye @sanjeethecat #nipclub

Purr our dear #nipclub furend Miss Sanjee took dat OTRB stargate dis morning after a brief fight wif cancer. She was a senior kitteh and just didn't have da energy to go on.

We will miss you, dear Sanjee. Condolences to The Typist, George the Duck, and the rest of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats.

Da tweet:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

How To Be A #Nipclub DJ
Your anipal Mr. Breeze
invites you to
become a DJ.

I wanted to let you know about, a free music site that lets you dj your own internet radio station. It's a great place to share, listen to, and discover free music - all recommended by real people.
On, you just search for an artist or song, type a short message and the song gets sent out to everyone who is following your station. You can also broadcast your songs to other sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
Here's a link to my station so you can listen to what I've been playing:

Listen now

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Supporting Charities At #Nipclub via @ShaynaCat

A couple of days ago I noticed that someone tweeted a charity with the #nipclub hashtag. The charity looked fine but I checked and it not vetted by #Nipclub staff. Please read Miss Shayna's article below, which explains #Nipclub's stringent vetting process.

Please, if you see someone tweeting other charities with the #nipclub hashtag, know that #nipclub only supports one charity at a time. You can verify on Nipclub and Nipclub Monthly.

Turnabout is fair play, though, so PLEASE, when you attend #wlf or other events, don't tweet the #Nipclub charity under their hashtag!! It's only polite.

Shayna explained it better than I could:
Because we've picked the causes we believe we can help most and we've put them through such close and painful scrutiny, we promise them in return that we will do our utmost as an organization to promote their cause, and theirs alone, during the time that they’re our chosen charity.

That means that other than in the most exceptional circumstances, which need direct approval from @kingtuttifruiti / @flacatlady, #NipClub will not allow its name or hashtag to be used for the promotion of any other charity, appeal or cause.

Individual staff members also support a variety of other causes. We tweet about them, blog about them, post to Facebook about them, DJ, barktend, quiz or do whatever else we can to help them – but we do so off the #NipClub timeline.

That allows us all to help as many causes as we can without diluting the focus #NipClub gives to chosen charities.

-- ShaynaCat's Blog Supporting Charities At #NipClub

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And Da Winner is... #Popie @PepiSmartDog!!

Purrrr Da white smoke did appear and Habemus papam! Habemus papam!

Our new #Popie is...


How to be #Popie @CathyKeisha #blackfish

Dis video explains how easy it is to become Pope.

Smoke is still #blackfish. It hard to pick a new #Popie when there so many contestants.

Catinal Breeze arrives in Rome to attend da catclave.

Now for contestants!!!

Purrrime Ministerette Shiva would make a great Popie. She would be "the first little brain-less Popie in history." (Description from her bloggy. I tinks it mean.)

@CathyKeisha would be da first ladycat Popie and certainly da prettiest!
Hail Pope Keisha I
Hail Pope Keisha I

@PepiSmartDog already has the wardrobe. His Golden Pram would make a great PopeMobile.
'Pepi Rama Gasius Maximus' for #Popie aka @PepiSmar...
Pepi Rama Gasius Maximus AKA @PepiSmartDog "Let The Bacon Be Served!"

@indykitty did nominate his sisfur @hannah_nannah1. (No Photo?)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

@pepismartdog For #Popie

Now dat da Pope Benedict XVI has resigned, it is time to elect an anipal #Popie!

FIXED - Who will be the new #Popie?? @ShivaandJaya @kittehboi

Da PMs Shiva and Jaya will be leading the conclave in Rome.
Shiva & Jaya » Let the smokes begin!
At the behest of your elected Purrime Ministerettes, the cattinals will vote for the first time tomorrow afternoon. Black smoke means no Popie, white smoke means yes Popie. Easy. Black smoke is made of Alaska blackfishie pot we will smoke during the conclave; white smoke comes from great white sharkie cattabis.
All yous on Planet Purrth have to do is wait until we proclaim HABEMUS PURRPAM!

I haz seen a sign from above and I believes @PepiSmartDog should be next Popie.

A Sign From Above

Our next Pope? Bacon for all!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Goodbye Dear @Brutusthedane #nipclub

Purrr We did lose our good furend @Brutusthedane today.

#nipclub Sekurity Chief, @AnipalTimes editor, bass player for the Shibbering Cheetos (@ShibberingC), founder of #Dudefest... and all-around fun guy!

*sad headbonks* for mama Heather.

Friday, March 1, 2013

@Boriskitty's #SciFiPawty

I can hardy wait for @boriskitty's #scifipawty!

I can hardy wait for @boriskitty's #scifipawty!
March 25, 2013
11 AM to 11 PM EST

Thursday, February 21, 2013

#panfersrule on Conan!

Purrrr Animal Expert David Mizejewski wif Baby Jaguars on Conan O'Brien. Listen to dem baybehs RRROWWRRRR!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

OMC! Rabies

Remember the Disney's "Old Yeller" where da dog get da hydrophobie from a wolf?
Although it is a vaccine-preventable disease, rabies still poses a significant public health problem in many countries in Asia and Africa where 95% of human deaths occur even though safe, effective vaccines for both human and veterinary use exist.
-- World Health Organization » Health topics » Rabies

In poor countries vaccination, testing and treatment are out of reach. Sometimes rabies isn't even reported. It's deadly, why bother? Half of dems is children - cuz children pet strange dogs. How terrible for da mamas!

Teach da children not to approach strange animals, not even friendly ones! Teach da children to tell you if dey bitten even if it a tiny nip. If you finds a bat in your room go gets shots because bat teef sharp and bites invisible! Prevention better dan treatment and far better dan getting da hydrophobie!

The Milwaukee Protocol used in da U.S. helps victims survive, but dey nerves is chewed up and dey needs rehab.

When a hooman is bitten the v-e-t test da biter. Oh oh oh It awful! Dey can cuts off dat biter's head. Be sure to vaccinate us pets.

Dey's a new test dat can diagnose human rabies from da skin. No more zombie brain soon!
Biological diagnostic methods for confirmation of rabies remain limited, because testing on postmortem cerebral samples is the reference method, and in many countries, sampling brain tissue is rarely practiced. There is a need for a reliable method based on a simple collection of nonneural specimens.
-- Dacheux, Laurent et al. A Reliable Diagnosis of Human Rabies Based on Analysis of Skin Biopsy Specimens. Clinical Infectious Diseases 2008; 47:1410–7

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Animal Testing Is Not Valid

Purrr Dem Purrime Ministerettes of Planet Purrth, Shiva and Jaya, did answer questions on da bloggy "Kyra & Question Time"!

I had an answer to one of da questions. I quotes da question and da Purrime Ministerettes answer:
Q: Hullo Shiva and Jaya …maybe you can choose another question of me for question time? Why humans are testing things on animals which are never for animals – only for humans ;o)
A: Some hoomans, not all of them, are catwards. They don’t have the nerve to undergo pain themselves and believe that we anipals are unable to feel anyting, either physical or emotional. Somebody dumped us in a glass bin when we were newborn kittens. Who do some hoomans think they are? Do onto others as you would have them do to you!
Jaya, I so agree with that Jesus Cat! Yeah, has that glass bin dumper already been dumped in a glass bin?!

Here are just three ways dat animals not react da same as hoomans. Hopes you like logic cuz da lady using it to thwock da unethical methodologies.

Dogs and cats don’t get poison ivy. Da active ingredient, urushiol, is highly allergenic to most hoomans. Non-primate species can roll in poison ivy. Den rubs it on da hoomans when we snuggles. MOL!!!
Applying a product to animals' skin is not a valid test.

Many years ago da lady read in a mycology book dat in da old days when dogs was livestock, hoomans used to test wild mushrooms on demz before eating. SOMETIMES da dog was fine but the hoomans died. Other times it took 12 hours or more for the symptoms to show and everybody got sick! However, I not finds anything about it online. I did finds out dat some mushrooms are poisonous to dogs but not cats.
Trying a food on animals is not a valid test.

In 2006, Six clinical drug trial participants suffered violent reactions to TGN1412, a new immune system boosting drug. The subjects were only given the equivalent of 1/500th the safe dose for "non-human primates," monkeys. The test subjects suffered searing pain and multiple organ failure within a few hours. The drug had been tested successfully in non-human primates, macaques.
Giving a drug to animals is not a valid test.

Hope you didn't want pixchurs. Dis not a snuff porn bloggy.

Lots of drugs don't make it through the animal trials, and who knows whether the drug companies have thrown away da Magic Bullet cuz it didn't work on animals? So when da animal trials and hooman trials happen to give da same results, it kinda random.

Iz not da sharpest tool in da shed. I cantz make sense of it.

Why do they keep doing it?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why We Lubs Pettings

Discover: Brain Basis for Why Petting Feels Good

Purrr Dem scientists always havin to prove tings. MOL!!!

Dis article about how our furs have speshul stufs dat make stroking furs feels good. Dey tinks dat anybody who have da stufs is more sociable and cleans each other.

Image credit:
D. Anderson lab, Caltech
Pet Clothing