Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Etiquette and #nipclub DJing

#nipclub CHICAGO! on Twitpic

Purrr Miss Shayna wrote a post on Nipclub Monthly dis morning called Kudos To Our Pawesome DJs! which outlines the etiqette surrounding #nipclub pawty music. Since we all attend each other's pawties, I like to share Shayna's post along wif my thoughts. (I haz so few of dems.)
There are lots of different ways you can enjoy the music. Some pals like to sing along, some like to dance, some RT the music links and some just like to listen. All of those are absolutely fine, and all our DJs love it when someone tweets that they (or even their humans!) are singing, dancing or simply enjoying listening to the music. That always makes a DJ’s day!

What it’s not acceptable to do at NipClub, though, is to interrupt a DJ’s set by tweeting other song links or videos on the timeline, or “virtual DJ’ing”, which involves calling out song titles or lines of other songs. I know that these are both accepted practices on another hashtag, which has a very different atmosphere and purpose from our own, but at NipClub they’re considered disrespectful and disruptive to our DJs and we don’t allow them.

Shayna's post really hit home because I recently experienced devastating culture shock - and lost a great furend - trying to help out at another pawty where DJs aren't supposed to play music! I was hurt and confused because of my high #nipclub expectations. Even if I were welcome back, which I'm not because I peed on the furniture and climbed the curtains, I'm just not suited to their culture. I have a pretty deep knowledge of music prior to the '80s and going back to the 20s I have a passing familiarity. I like my DJ sets to be on topic. For instance,
MONDAY, AUGUST 2, 2010 #nipclub Covers Set - old moosics den modern versions.
Memphis Minnie - When the Levee Breaks ♫
Get da led out! Led Zeppelin - . ♫

What Shayna said in her post isn't something she pulled out of her ear to come to my defense. I began DJing at @FrugalDougal's original #pawpawty in 2009. Dougal's Paws Around The World did a lot of good for animals and I will never forget the evil ones who chased my furend off twitter.
Fergusthedog says
"Show the anipals a great time during your DJ set make them scream, shout, shake, waggle and roll."
Play that funky music

Fancy yourself as a bit of a DJ? Well here is your chance to show the Twitterverse what you are made of. All of the anipals below just love to find great tunes that match the theme of each event. Have fun and make new pals, go on you know you want to.

These guys have spent a lot of time and effort putting together a play list that reflects the theme of the pawty.

While it is OK to blip the odd tune every now and then, please don't take over the DJ's slot.

Thx you for reading, dear friends.

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  1. Thanks for the quote, Mr. Breeze - have learned a great deal from your music knowledge!

    I've had messages from pals concerned in case NipClub was planning to change its style in a way they weren't comfortable with, so I wanted to prevent any misunderstanding by making it clear that isn't so :-)

    1. Purrr So glad to hear! I lubs to clicky links and hear new music!

  2. All the DJs at nipclub do a great job - at least those I've heard. I'm not sure what went down or when, but I'm proud of the DJs that we have and know you guys/gals all put in a lot of time coming up with a play list. You are the unsung heroes of nipclub. No one else should be sending links while a DJ is playing. I can't believe someone could be that rude.

    1. Thank you Mario. I believe I speak for all the DJs when I say we love to entertain and it's always for a good cause!


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