Saturday, October 7, 2017

Hyperthyroid Epidemic in Cats

Some ignorant little twit just called da lady "cruel" for letting da kittehs hang out in the garden.

She said cats must not be allowed outside. Her reasons included cars and psychopathic children.

Sisfurcat Chili lived to 17 and Bugs to 16. They were both indoor outdoor. Da lady had a few guidelines to keep us as safe as possible from raccoons and cars. Indoors at night and during rush hour, or if da humans is away from da house.

NYTimes: The Mystery of the Wasting House Cats

Inside the house is not a magical safe place. Chili and Bugs both had hyperthyroid. It seems there is an epidemic among indoor cats.

"Among the many behaviors that appeared to put cats at risk: spending time indoors, using cat litter, eating canned food, eating fish-flavored canned food, eating liver-and-giblet-flavored canned food, drinking puddle water, sleeping on the floor, sleeping on bedding treated with flea-control products and living in a home with a gas fireplace."
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