Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Need Date for #Nipclub Prom

Hellooooo ladycats! #weddingatlake @pandafur @petiethecat 
 on Twitpic

Sweet kittehboi 4 YO SB/M wif a bad boi streak ISO anipal for #nipclub prom June 30, 2011. Age, species and gender not a problem. GSOH a plus! Will consider stag. Please apply as a comment to this post. WAA

Friday, June 17, 2011

#nipclub sharkyboi

#nipclub You're gonna need a bigger boat. on Twitpic
You're gonna need a bigger boat.
Da picture generated online at
No graphics program, no graphics experience necessary.

I had fun being a sharkyboi at #nipclub last night. I tried to nom everybody but dey say da water too cold. Hmmph.

Thx to @TinyPearlCat who mixed dat rumtini dat made da transformation possible.  MOL!!

I'd also like to extend a "Happy Birthday" to @Boomiethecat, @Sisfurcats Bugs Bunny and all the other anipals who have birthdays/gotcha days in June.

  • #nipclub @EdnaAtNutro @kingtuttifruiti *fin-fin*
  • #nipclub @EdnaAtNutro @kingtuttifruiti *fin-fin fin-fin*
  • #nipclub @EdnaAtNutro @kingtuttifruiti *fin-fin fin-fin fin-fin* ♫ Iz a sharky!!
  • #nipclub @EdnaAtNutro @kingtuttifruiti *CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP* You're gonna need a bigger boat.
  • #nipclub #nipclub @EdnaAtNutro @kingtuttifruiti *CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP* You're gonna need a bigger boat.
  • #nipclub You're gonna need a bigger boat.
  • @ednaatnutro @spike_cat @ CeciltheHusky @pumpkinpuddy #nipclub Come on in, da water is beeyootiful. @tinypearlcat
  • @ednaatnutro #nipclub Da water is bery warm. Do come in and have a bite.
  • #nipclub @spike_cat @CeciltheHusky @Pumpkinpuddy Come in da ocean, da water is beeyooful. Tasty waves, perfect for surfing.
  • @AutumnTheDoxie #nipclub Doggie! Pretteh doggie! Come in da ocean and swim wif me.
  • @ednaatnutro #NIPCLUB Oh purrrr. *swims toward @AutumnTheDoxie* Come swimming wif me...
  • @tinypearlcat #NIPCLUB *swims toward paw, rotates to side, opens mouf and shows rows and rows of sharp teefs...*
  • @cecilthehusky Come swim wif me and I have noms. #nipclub
  • @autumnthedoxie #nipclub Da water nice and warm. Want a nom? I has a nom for you. @ednaatnutro @spike_cat
  • @WinstonMCat #nipclub Come swims in da ocean wif me so we can haz noms.
  • @ednaatnutro @tinypearlcat #nipclub I still feel a mite peckish. Why don't you wade on in?
  • @mr_pie #nipclub Hey there, the water's great! Let's go surfing! *grin*
  • @doggiestylish #nipclub Da water really nice on a hot day. Come on in, let's go surfing.
  • @ednaatnutro Oh purrrr but @mr_pie looks tasty. #nipclub
  • #nipclub @tortecatfrmhell Purrr come surf wif me california girlcat
  • #nipclub @tinncat @braillecat @kokotheturtle Come on in, da water's fine!
  • #nipclub @spike_cat Sure you don't want to swim out here for a snack?

With a tip of the hat to Jaws, the movie that added the You're Gonna Need A Bigger ______ meme to the lexicon.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back to da garden

Da lady planted lots of stufs dis year and Bugs and I do helps her.

Cool morning in da garden. on Twitpic
A cool morning in da garden.

Mr. Breeze hangin wif da lady. on Twitpic
Mr. Breeze hangin wif da lady.

Protecting the garden since 1999 on Twitpic
Sisfurcat Bugs Buny has been protecting the garden since 1999.

We loves to play tag.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Doggies and hooman food revisited

Pit Bull
Does Doobie look like a wolf? Srsly.

Despite what the premium pet food brands tell you, your dog is not a wolf and he doesn't need to eat like a wolf. A dog can live quite well on human food, with a few exceptions, including chocolate and onions. Please read about them on the Humane Society site.
Foods potentially poisonous to pets : The Humane Society of the United States

It goes without saying that you should never, EVER give hooman drugs to a pet unless your vet gives you the ok. Something as harmless as aspirin can be a killer!

There are a number of good books on making nommy homemade foods for dogs (and cats). Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats explains the dietary needs of dogs and cats, and gives recipes for healthful meals you can make in batches. The book even has recipes for supplements you can spoon onto commercial dog or cat foods to replace nutrients lost in the canning process.

Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farewell @BunnyJeanCook

Farewell to Bunny Jean Cook

Oh oh oh we lost a dear furend today!  Bunny Jean Cook did cross RB.

I loved dat pretteh bunneh. She always had the BEST costumes and she a GREAT DJ.

@PepiSmartDog greeted her at Rainbow Bridge and is showing her around. We hope dat when she gets settled OTRB she will stop down to DJ at #nipclub.

Best wishes to her mom and her cats.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Can Cats See Colors?

To make it simple, cats and dogs can see some colors, but not all. Cats and dogs have deuteranopia, commonly called red-green color-blindness.

The inset picture in the image above shows what a cat might see when looking at the larger picture.  To sum it up, cats see blue and yellow fine,  but other colors are problematic.

The image was created in Gimp using the colorblind filter and a screen capture. To use the filter, click View → Display Filters… and select what type of colorblindness you want to check.

See also:
Veterinary Topics: Feline Vision
The Straight Dope: Are cats and dogs really color-blind? How do they know?
Colorblind Web Page Filter
The Island of the Colorblind by Dr. Oliver Sacks.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

BlackPaw DJ set and Special Pwize

Arrrrrr @OwentheTonk 'Tis our flag! @thenascarkitty

Avast! Last week's #nipclub theme were pirates. Arrrr! I had a lot of fun as a crew member on the Black Paw, scourge of the high seas, under Cap'n @OwentheTonk! We captured da beeyootyful @Tinypearlcat and fought off the good ships. I even made a costume for @Tildatoo as well. T'is Terrible Tildatoo, t' most fearsome pirate lady-dog on twitter!

#nipclub Arrrrrrr!  'Tis a pirate's life fer me! on Twitpic  #nipclub Arrrrrr 'Tis Terrible @tildatoo, t' most f...

#nipclub Arrrrrr Trimmed and tight, wif flags flying.  It da ...

I DJed a loosely pirate/nautical-themed set from the fo'c'sle of the Black Paw from on And I gave away a Special PWIZE, a New Kingston Michael Jackson Limited Edition 2GB Kingston USB Drive Limited Release High Quality. Da pwize went to the first anipal to tweet #THISISIT when I played a Michael Jackson tune.
  1. Weigh hey and up she rises earlie in the mornin - Drunken Sailer – Irish Rovers ♫
  2. Be gone you Jack Tar! Steeleye Span – Saucy Sailor ♫
  3. Arrrrrrrr I lubs me dem Liverpool Judies! The Spinners - Liverpool Judies ♫
  4. The fate of Franklin no tongue can tell! John Renborne - Lord Franklin ♫
  5. Did somebody mention slop? The Kingston Trio: Sloop John B ♫
  6. Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew – Blow The Man Down ♫
  7. Liberian Girl – Michael Jackson ♫
  8. Renaissance – Ocean Gypsy ♫
  9. The Compulsions – Davy Jones' Locker ♫
ConCATulations to @DuchessCrabtree on winning this fabulous Limited Edition Kingston DataTraveler 2 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive with Preloaded Michael Jackson THIS IS IT Movie.

My birfday is on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, September 19th. Purrrr I mean Arrrr!

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