Wednesday, December 23, 2020

#CatmasEve 2020 Sekurity Team

Don't forget @GeorgetheDuck's #CatmasEve pawty on Thursday Dec. 24th. DJs, Bartenders, and real-world pwizes! You can read about it on George's CatmasEve Bloggy.

But wait, I ALWAYS forget Sekurity! Let's talk about them a bit.

As always, #CatmasEve uses Snick's Sekurity Team, which is now managed by @Ben_da_Bestie.

Sekurity @Ben_da_Bestie
Chief @Ben_da_Bestie

A Bit of History

Snick the Dog started as Head Bouncer with #pawpawty on twitter in June, 2009.
Snick moved to Sekurity Team Headquarters in 2010.
Snick retired in 2011.
@Brutusthedane became the new leader of the Sekurity team.
Since then the team has passed to @terenceterrier, and now to @Ben_da_Bestie.

Why do we have sekurity?

  • To tweet the donation link every now and then
  • To explain to newcomers what the pawty is and help answer questions
  • To report hashtag spam

The Sekurity Team

Sekurity @AbbyRescueDox
Sekurity @BrutusTheDane Nali
@BrutusTheDane Nali
Sekurity @ClaptonTerrier
Sekurity @TheHugHouse Archie
@TheHugHouse Archie
Sekurity @BrutusTheDane
Sekurity @Mikey_W_Cat
Sekurity @PeaceCritterz
Sekurity @sisfurcats Ragamuffin
@sisfurcats Ragamuffin
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