Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Animal Testing Is Not Valid

Purrr Dem Purrime Ministerettes of Planet Purrth, Shiva and Jaya, did answer questions on da bloggy "Kyra & Question Time"!

I had an answer to one of da questions. I quotes da question and da Purrime Ministerettes answer:
Q: Hullo Shiva and Jaya …maybe you can choose another question of me for question time? Why humans are testing things on animals which are never for animals – only for humans ;o)
A: Some hoomans, not all of them, are catwards. They don’t have the nerve to undergo pain themselves and believe that we anipals are unable to feel anyting, either physical or emotional. Somebody dumped us in a glass bin when we were newborn kittens. Who do some hoomans think they are? Do onto others as you would have them do to you!
Jaya, I so agree with that Jesus Cat! Yeah, has that glass bin dumper already been dumped in a glass bin?!

Here are just three ways dat animals not react da same as hoomans. Hopes you like logic cuz da lady using it to thwock da unethical methodologies.

Dogs and cats don’t get poison ivy. Da active ingredient, urushiol, is highly allergenic to most hoomans. Non-primate species can roll in poison ivy. Den rubs it on da hoomans when we snuggles. MOL!!!
Applying a product to animals' skin is not a valid test.

Many years ago da lady read in a mycology book dat in da old days when dogs was livestock, hoomans used to test wild mushrooms on demz before eating. SOMETIMES da dog was fine but the hoomans died. Other times it took 12 hours or more for the symptoms to show and everybody got sick! However, I not finds anything about it online. I did finds out dat some mushrooms are poisonous to dogs but not cats.
Trying a food on animals is not a valid test.

In 2006, Six clinical drug trial participants suffered violent reactions to TGN1412, a new immune system boosting drug. The subjects were only given the equivalent of 1/500th the safe dose for "non-human primates," monkeys. The test subjects suffered searing pain and multiple organ failure within a few hours. The drug had been tested successfully in non-human primates, macaques.
Giving a drug to animals is not a valid test.

Hope you didn't want pixchurs. Dis not a snuff porn bloggy.

Lots of drugs don't make it through the animal trials, and who knows whether the drug companies have thrown away da Magic Bullet cuz it didn't work on animals? So when da animal trials and hooman trials happen to give da same results, it kinda random.

Iz not da sharpest tool in da shed. I cantz make sense of it.

Why do they keep doing it?

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