Sunday, March 24, 2013

Supporting Charities At #Nipclub via @ShaynaCat

A couple of days ago I noticed that someone tweeted a charity with the #nipclub hashtag. The charity looked fine but I checked and it not vetted by #Nipclub staff. Please read Miss Shayna's article below, which explains #Nipclub's stringent vetting process.

Please, if you see someone tweeting other charities with the #nipclub hashtag, know that #nipclub only supports one charity at a time. You can verify on Nipclub and Nipclub Monthly.

Turnabout is fair play, though, so PLEASE, when you attend #wlf or other events, don't tweet the #Nipclub charity under their hashtag!! It's only polite.

Shayna explained it better than I could:
Because we've picked the causes we believe we can help most and we've put them through such close and painful scrutiny, we promise them in return that we will do our utmost as an organization to promote their cause, and theirs alone, during the time that they’re our chosen charity.

That means that other than in the most exceptional circumstances, which need direct approval from @kingtuttifruiti / @flacatlady, #NipClub will not allow its name or hashtag to be used for the promotion of any other charity, appeal or cause.

Individual staff members also support a variety of other causes. We tweet about them, blog about them, post to Facebook about them, DJ, barktend, quiz or do whatever else we can to help them – but we do so off the #NipClub timeline.

That allows us all to help as many causes as we can without diluting the focus #NipClub gives to chosen charities.

-- ShaynaCat's Blog Supporting Charities At #NipClub


  1. Excellent post pal. I didn't happen to see that, but am glad you did.

  2. Thank you very much Breeze! Exellent post!


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