Saturday, October 10, 2015

Koko The Gorilla Loves Kittens (and People)

Koko's New Kittens

Purr Miss Koko is a speshul Gorilla. She live in a preserve wif a nice lady named Penny who taught her sign language and how to use a special computer to communicate. Koko can understand human speech but not talk it cuz, well, gorilla moufs can't make hooman noises.

Koko and All Ball

Koko had her first kitteh back in da 1970s. She named him "ALL BALL" and it surprised efurryone dat a gorilla wanted a pet kitteh. When she first met All Ball, Koko played wif his little paws and said, "Cat do scratch. Koko love!" When All Ball got hit by a car Koko signed "sad" and "frown." Later dat night she wailed wif grief. Koko is a fine gorilla person and I lubs her.

Koko occasionally entertains celebrity guests such as Betty White and William Shatner. When Robin Williams met Koko dey hadz great fun! Koko was very sad when she learned of Robin Williams' passing. :-(

I hope you will visit Koko's web page.

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The Gorilla Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, protection and well-being of gorillas and other great apes through interspecies communication research and education. Established in 1976 as a 501(c)(3) corporation, it is best known for "Project Koko," the longest interspecies communication study in history, and the only one involving gorillas. It has evolved into an institution that provides a unique resource for great ape conservation, care and understanding.

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