Friday, June 7, 2013

Review: Nature's Miracle Port-A-Crate

@Sisfurcat Chilipepper stole my cat house!!!

I bought the Nature's Miracle Port-A-Crate locally and liked it very much.

The thing I want to emphasis is the quality. Heavier canvas, reinforcement at the stress points.

Nature's Miracle Port-A-Crate comes in several sizes. Pick the size based on the weight of your pet and what you'll be using it for. Even though I only weigh 15 lb we got the 40 lb size with the intention of using it as a tent rather than as a carrier.

The Nature's Miracle Port-A-Crate's frame is stronger than on some tents for humans. This over-specification will add years to the life of the product. It's easy to put up and easy to take down. There are handy straps to hold it together when folded for storage.

I don't use the top opening, but I suppose it would be handy for picking up a pet without giving him the opportunity to escape. I also don't use the end opening. I leave the side open and just hang out in it, shielded from the sun.

Mesh windows in the closed sides enable me to keep an eye out in all directions.

If you're looking for a tough soft-sided crate that can be folded for storage, the Nature's Miracle Port-A-Crate is it.
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