Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to be #Popie @CathyKeisha #blackfish

Dis video explains how easy it is to become Pope.

Smoke is still #blackfish. It hard to pick a new #Popie when there so many contestants.

Catinal Breeze arrives in Rome to attend da catclave.

Now for contestants!!!

Purrrime Ministerette Shiva would make a great Popie. She would be "the first little brain-less Popie in history." (Description from her bloggy. I tinks it mean.)

@CathyKeisha would be da first ladycat Popie and certainly da prettiest!
Hail Pope Keisha I
Hail Pope Keisha I

@PepiSmartDog already has the wardrobe. His Golden Pram would make a great PopeMobile.
'Pepi Rama Gasius Maximus' for #Popie aka @PepiSmar...
Pepi Rama Gasius Maximus AKA @PepiSmartDog "Let The Bacon Be Served!"

@indykitty did nominate his sisfur @hannah_nannah1. (No Photo?)

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