Friday, April 24, 2015

#Chilipawty Pwizes 2015

Purrr We getting DJs and Barktenders lined up for #chilipawty. And of course there will be pwizes.

#Chilipawty » Pwizes

Da humans already been pulling ticks off demselves and us so I wants to put in a special plug for the safest flea soap I know, with a special deal for #Chilipawty.

Tiny Timmy's Dirty Flea Soap
@dirtyfleasoap @tinytimyspeaks
Repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.
Contains only cat-safe natural ingredients.
No chrysanthemum! No pyrethrins!

Use code #CHILIPAWTY for 10% off!

Disclaimer: Though this is not a paid advertisement, Timmy was kind enough to send me a full-size bar to give away at #ChiliPawty, plus two sample packs. I purchased three bars of Dirty Flea Soap myself the very first time I heard about it.

Timmy is a pal with neurological problems from store-brand pesticides. I feel very strongly about the dangers to pets and their humans from pesticides in the home and in the environment.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Come to May 5th #Chilipawty SPICY!!

It da spicy annual event you been waiting for,


If you attended previous Chilipawty in 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014 you know what fun it is. Music, noms and drinks, pwizes! 
Grumpy old @sisfurcats Chilipepper would have been celebrating her 18th birthday on May 6, 2015. We haz a pawty for her birfday efurry year and we gonna keep hazzing it!

#MiniBreeze arrived in Inglund @Kolo_Martin

Purrr MiniBreeze arrived in Inglund where he met my twitter pal @Kolo_Martin at Baboon HQ. There are so many baboons there! Kolo is going to show MiniBreeze around and he even get to meet dat sweet bear @HenryandFriends in da fur!!

#MiniBreeze meets @Kolo_Martin
and gets a hug!!

Photo credits:
Kolo Martin
Kolo's World

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