Monday, August 24, 2009

PuztheCat Rainbow Bridge

@PuztheCat is on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge with @Chattemuse. Bye, my furiend.
© 2009 Leslie Ellis

@PuztheCat went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. @Chattemuse and other anipals are there to play with him.

For those who believe in an exclusionary Heaven that rejects animals, the Rainbow Bridge is where our faithful companions go after they die. There our pets are restored to health; they make new friends with whom they play happily in field and forest; and they wait until the day their human joins them.

Yesterday a cat named Puz had to be euthanized due to advanced cancer of the jaw. This was a sad situation that many cat (and dog) owners will have to face due to the relatively short lifespan of their pets. The difference is that Puz was one of the Cats Who Tweet. Puz was @PuztheCat on Twitter.

PuztheCat had many virtual friends on Twitter, including my own cat, Mr. Breeze. The pets - and the humans who "help" them type - rallied around Puz, regaling him with tales of the Rainbow Bridge. Butterfles to chase, drinks such as the tunatini, and endless supplies of noms.

A previously deceased cat named @Chattemuse who has been tweeting from the other side waited patiently for Puz to cross and promised to show him around.

As Puz's last Veterinary appointment approached, the pets made a virtual #pawcircle and emitted comforting #purrs4puz. It was a very moving experience even for a heartless old thing like me.

If you have any doubt as to why one could possibly want to text 140-character status reports (Tweets) to a Social Media site, you've missed the point. Web 2.0 is about interacting with other people (or pets).
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