Sunday, August 29, 2010

#nipclub is a Success!

Be sure to catch #nipclub on Twitter every Thursday 7 PM Eastern till midnight and beyond. Visit the #nipclub bloggy for the latest news.

I do loves to DJ on Here some videos I blipped. Don't forget to favorite me!

See the full video playlist on the kittehboidotcom YouTube channel.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Peta Position Pieces

Play this game on

Kids, your mama is a murderer. Play this game from Peta and see for yourself!

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) is an organization whose stated purpose is to prevent animal cruelty. The more I read about them, the less I like them.

Peta has a number of disturbing programs that target children. Cute cartoons tell children to break away from their families in much the same way as religious cults do. If a religious cult came into your school telling your kids that it is a sin to eat pork, how would you react?

Save a Sea Kitten: Eat Veggie SushiPETA Takes on McDonald'

Peta provides children with educational leaflets and comic books. The stated intent of Peta is to have children Question Reality. A likely result is to create a generation of 8-10 year olds with serious nutritional deficiencies. A vegan diet is absolutely an option for humans, but there are a few nutrients that we get mostly or exclusively from meat, dairy and eggs. If your kid has been taken in by Peta's massive marketing machine, PLEASE make sure they're getting adequate nutrition. Raising Vegetarian Children : A Guide to Good Health and Family Harmony is a great resource for parents. The two most significant deficiencies of a vegan diet are B12 and Omega-3 EFAs. Calcium and vitamin D3 can be a problem too.

Here are a few comics with disturbing messages.
What’s wrong with dairy? Milk: It’s unnatural.
Your mommy kills animals! But there are terrible people who cause our furry friends to die that way every day. And guess what? One of those terrible people is your mommy.
Your Daddy Kills Animals Until your daddy learns that it’s not “fun” to kill, keep your doggies and kitties away from him. He’s so hooked on killing defenseless animals that they could be next!

And for the couch potatoes, a movie.

Peta uses multiple web domain names. There are a number of reasons for doing this. The first reason is to create the impression of a large interlinked community. These interlinks improve Peta's Google rank. Here is a partial list:

This article is a work in progress.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Remembering My First Pawpawty

My dear friend @BunnyJeanCook quoted my bloggy in an article entitled, "How Pawpawty Works." It took me back to my first #pawpawty just about a year ago.

The life of the #Blackkittypawty - The Aftermath. on Twitpic

Da #pawpawty can seem rather daunting. Da first time I walked into one I had no idea what was going on, but I quickly got dat der wuz DJs and Barktenders and it was all for a good cause. Party hearty!

Thx you pretteh bunneh for da mention of my original article How Pawpawty Works on Facebook. For non-Facebook anipals, it links back to da original article here on my bloggy, How Pawpawty Works.

I would like to stress again that you don't have to donate if you don't want to. But if you can spare even a dollar, it is always for a good cause. Read more about #pawpawty on @frugaldougal's Pawpawty Home Page.

Monday, August 2, 2010

#nipclub Covers Set

Last week my #nipclub set was "Covers." In dis set I played an old old tune, den played a later version of dat song.

I hope you enjoy da set.
@AutumnTheDoxie Dis howlin' wolf for my doggie pals! "Ain't Superstitious" ♫ And here's Megadeth respinning da Howin' Wolf classic ♫
Blues legend Bessie Smith in 1929 ♫ Nobody loves you when you're down and out.And da cover of Bessie Smith by Derek and da Dominos maybe 1970? ♫
Bring it on home Sonny Boy Williamson ♫ Now let's get da Led out... Led Zeppelin covering Sonny Boy Williamson ♫
Lady Day - Gloomy Sunday c. 1940 (Billie Holiday) ♫ Da Smithereens covering Billie Holiday ♫
More Lady Day. So MANY people covered her tunes. God Bless the Child ♫ Blood Sweat & Tears covering Billie Holiday 1969 ♫
Robert Johnson Walking blues ♫ Susan Tedeschi covers Robert Johnson Walkin' Blues ♫
You know dis one... Robert Johnson Travelin Riverside Blues ♫ Hindu Love Gods cover Robert Johnson Travelin Riverside Blues ♫
Big Mama Thornton HOUND DOG for my doggy furends ♫ Elvis covers Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog ♫
George Gershwin Summertime - I could make an entire set of Summertime covers! ♫ Da Divine One Sarah Vaughn covers George Gershwin Summertime ♫
Sublime covers Gershwin! Summertime (Doin' Time) ♫
Muddy Waters - I just wanna make love to you! ♫ Foghat covers Muddy Waters ♫
Bo Diddley - Who do you love? ♫ The Meteors cover Bo Diddley ♫
Memphis Minnie - When the Levee Breaks ♫ Get da led out! Led Zeppelin covers Memphis Minnie - When da levee breaks. ♫
T-Bone Walker - Stormy Monday Blues ♫ Allman Brothers cover T-Bone Walker Stormy Monday ♫
Robert Petway Catfish Blues 1941 ♫ Jimi covers Robert Petway Catfish Blues. Dis kind of an early version of "Voodoo Chile" ♫
B.B. King - Rock me baby ♫ Robin Trower covers B.B. King - Rock me baby ♫
Muddy Waters - Got my Mojo workin' (but it just don't work on you) ♫ Canned Heat covers Muddy Waters ♫
Leadbelly - Rock Island Line ♫ Little Richard covers Leadbelly - WOOOOOOOOOOO! ♫
JJ Cale - Call me da Breeze! ♫ Johnny Cash covers JJ Cale - Call me the Breeze ♫
Lynyrd Skynyrd covers JJ Cale - Call Me The Breeze - Dis my song!!!! ♫
Pet Clothing