Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Better Mousie Trap

Dis humane and reusable. Catch and release!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Webby Safe Colors

Purrr in da old days puter monitors only had 256 colors. Considering earlier puters only had 16 colors, 256 colors make efurrything possible.

UNLESS you looking at a RGB web page wif a 256 color monitors. Den it a mess.

So if you selling sumpfin to da folks wif old puters, help dems see your web page right. Use da Web Safe colors.


Friday, May 1, 2015

#chilipawty Grooveshark is Gone! #nipclub

OMFC! Grooveshark has closed!

If you're like me you had special themed playlists that you lovingly put together for #nipclub, #scifipawty, #chilipawty and #panfurpawty to name a few.

Many my furiends use grooveshark too. We are scrambling to find alternates.

Youtube is ok but who wants to watch videos during a pawty? There's but you can only have one playlist and blip doesn't know how to tweet anymore so you have to cut-and-paste. gone. Pandora lets you play genres, but you can't pick individual songs.

Spotify looks promising. The premium price is the same as Grooveshark.

Sign up for Spotify and create a #chilipawty playlist. Looks like a viable alternative.

Update 5/2: I used twitter advanced search to find my music tweets from last year's #chilipawty. Pain in the tail but what are my alternatives? Last year's #chilipawty search results were useful but I had added a BUNCH of new music to the playlist and those tunes are gone!

Here's the tool to make this cool website Spotify Play Button.

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