Friday, February 25, 2011

A Pwize from Nutro!

Oh oh oh Dat @natalieatnutro did have a contesty for most interesting cat bed! Mine is da top of da armoire. Da pixchur won a gift box from the Nutro Company! Da gift box contained a bag of Feline Greenies treats, a bag of Nutro Natural Choice for cats, a Nutro tote bag, and a couple of nommable mousie toys.

Oh oh oh Dem sisfurcats tried to steal my gifts! Dey been pounding down the Natural Choice.

Please I can haz Greenies? I loves dem bery much!

Thx you for da Greenies! Dey do keeps my needle-sharp fangs white and scary!

Sharing my Greenies wif @sisfurcats Bugs Bunny. Miss Natalie sent us savory Salmon flavor and we pestered da lady all day for more. I also likes da Oven-Baked Chicken flavor and Bugs prefers Tempting Tuna.

Purrrr Hellooooo ladies! Would you like some of my noms?

It goes wifout saying dat da gift box was fun to play in and we spread da packing material all over da living room.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Shrimpie a Day

Tell your mom that you need shrimp for heart and brain health.

Shrimp have lots of taurine and lots of Omega-3 EFAs.

Taurine is an amino acid, a necessary nutrient. Any decent brand of cat food will supplement taurine, however some of it is destroyed by heat in the canning process. Cats have lost the ability to synthesize taurine. If they don't get enough from food they can suffer from Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), a potentially deadly heart condition.

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) are necessary for the healthy functioning of every system in the cat's body. EFAs are found in seafood and some plants such as flaxseed and avocados.

A shrimpie a day keeps the V-E-T away.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Favrit Twitter Apps

Dear twitter furends, here some apps to help you manage twitter.

Managing Tweets

Update multiple networks in one step, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, and
Create a Twitter Search Dashboard that updates in real time.
Social Dashboard for web, iPhone, iPad, & Android.
What's being said?
Smarter Twitter Client. Track and Share What's Happening on Twitter.
OMG, it's a Twitter™ buffer!
Pulls your Twitter stream in near real-time (max 1 min delay), reformatting tweets into threaded conversations. [Alpha]

Managing followers

Find out which of your Twitter updates made people follow or leave you.
Your Twitter Karma
A simple mashup that implements page navigation on followers / following list and sort functionality by type (reciprocated or not).
Manage all of your Twitter people in one place.
Who's not following you back on Twitter? Who are you not following back? Who are your mutual friends? Find out!
A new follower? Should you follow back? Find out if you have common followings with them, and which people you follow that follow them.
Compare Twitter friends and followers
More Followers, Keyword Based, Twitter Networking.
Sends you a summary email at least once a day informing you of those who have stopped following you on Twitter!
My Top Twitter Followers in 2010
Share the link with your friends to view all your top fans!

Archiving and Search

Microblog search.
Twapper Keeper
Read, track, export, and analyze


In ur Tweets, Graphin' Your Stats!
Twitter Follower-Friend Ratio
Tracks the impact of your opinions, links and recommendations across your social graph.
How Influential Are You On Twitter?
Gather Twitter analytics from any profile – in seconds!
How much is your twitter profile worth?

Sharing pictures and videos

Share photos on Twitter in real-time.
Discover, watch and share originally-created videos.
Share your photos and video. Watch the world.
Load the public stream showing the latest photos.


The Shorty Awards
The best producers of real-time, short form content on Twitter
Ask on Twitter
So go ahead and browse the list of questions - you might be able to help a fellow Tweeter out!
Invite tweeps to an event.
Find and create events on Twitter.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Introducing Garibaldi Rous

Purrrrr You may remember dat old Caplin ROUS, da world's most famous capybara, passed away recently. Well guess what! A new capy came to live in his house.

I'd like to introduce Garibaldi Rous, King of the Rodents!

Welcome, Gari!

Read more about Gari and Caplin on
Pet Clothing