Tuesday, March 12, 2013

@pepismartdog For #Popie

Now dat da Pope Benedict XVI has resigned, it is time to elect an anipal #Popie!

FIXED - Who will be the new #Popie?? @ShivaandJaya @kittehboi

Da PMs Shiva and Jaya will be leading the conclave in Rome.
Shiva & Jaya » Let the smokes begin!
At the behest of your elected Purrime Ministerettes, the cattinals will vote for the first time tomorrow afternoon. Black smoke means no Popie, white smoke means yes Popie. Easy. Black smoke is made of Alaska blackfishie pot we will smoke during the conclave; white smoke comes from great white sharkie cattabis.
All yous on Planet Purrth have to do is wait until we proclaim HABEMUS PURRPAM!

I haz seen a sign from above and I believes @PepiSmartDog should be next Popie.

A Sign From Above

Our next Pope? Bacon for all!!!


  1. PepiSmartDog: 'Pepi Rama Gasius Maximus' thanks you and declares a Decade Of Baconness! The masses wanted an Italian name: "Pepperoni." And I have a pizza named after me.
    It seems both smokes may cause a mass drooling, followed by mass feasting; either, we'll have a Mass! BOL !
    Bacon is prepared and the fat dripping, in expectation. Pram Mobile prepped and ready! *nervous face* *holding breath until decision smoked out*

  2. Pepi gets my vote. Best idea I've heard all day.


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