Friday, January 25, 2013

#nipclub Speakeasy

Hey there all you hep cats and hot dogs!
Are you ready to pawty?

Purrr #nipclub is for charity.
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Purrr in honor of Prohibition Era speakeasies I'm going to do an Annette Hanshaw set wif a bit of similar tunes thrown in.

I *know* you've heard most of dez toons. Dis originals or early versions.

I do lubs me some Annette Hanshaw!

Photo is in the Public Domain

  • Goodness gracious, can it be? Someone's comin back to me! Annette Hanshaw - Who's That Knocking At My Door (1927) ♫
  • Boop boop bee doo! Betty Boop – I wanna be loved by you (1928, Helen Kane) - ♫
  • Let's be outrageous... let's misbehave! Harry Reser - The Hottest Cole Porter – Let's Misbehave, (1928) ♫
  • Purrr Is efurrybody happy? Annette Hanshaw with the Ben Selvin Orchestra – Happy Days Are Here Again (1930) ♫
  • Mrs. Murphy couldn't sleep and no effing wonder!!! Harry Hipster Gibson – Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltime? (1947) ♫
  • @MoonDogMattress Purrrr Is dis your song? Hal Kemp and his Orchestra – Shine on Harvest Moon (1929) ♫
  • Purrrr Look who's here! It da boi!! Annette Hanshaw – Ain't He Sweet (1927) ♫

    @PepperPom Did mix up @Jazzydacat's pig's bum for me. Da key ingredient is fox poop.

    Jazzy's Pig's Bum

  • Purrrr You went away... Annette Hanshaw – Lover Come Back To Me (1929) ♫

    OMC, is it Tweetie's Slambarita from #chilipawty?
  • Eddie Cantor - Makin' Whoopee! (1929)
  • You may remember Ray Charles cover version. Hoagy Carmichael – Georgia on my Mind ♫
  • Purrr oh weed!! Cigarette we must all depend on... CATNIP!! Cab Calloway - Smoking Reefers (c. 1932) ♫
    I tink dem anipals are smoking rope!
    Rope used to be made from hemp. It uses much less water than cotton and grows like a weed. When Prohibition over dey had to demonize SOMETHING so they went after reefer.
    Schools don't teach history any more because they teach to the SATs.
  • Blue skies are all I see!!! Josephine Baker – Blue Skies - (1927) - Irving Berlin ♫

Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.
-- George Washington, 1794

#nipclub Please tip your DJs and barktenders!!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Copyright and Content Theft

Deys a great article about copyright and content theft over on BlogPaws called Malice in Wonderland. It reminded me that although da lady is very careful on her bloggy, she is a burglar on mine.

Purrrr Always assume web content is copyright protected whether you see a copyright notice or not. The notice is a gentle reminder and little more.

If you are familiar with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, this is why it stifles creativity.
Electronic Frontier Foundation: Unintended Consequences: Twelve Years under the DMCA

You can use the TinEye reverse image search to look for your photos online.

flickr allows authors to use Creative Commons copyrights. Da lady uses lots of them on her blog with proper attribution as required. Some allow derivative works. Some can even be used for commercial works. So if you upload to flickr, make sure to set the copyleft!

You can always ask! People will let you use their stuff if you promise to link back to their site.

Da lady uses a wordpress plugin called OpenCalais Tagaroo to find pictures on flickr and suggest tags from Reuters.

I'm a bad boi. Da lady should pay more attention to da laws in my bloggy. It will be very important when (not if) someone asks me to take someting down dat I do so right away.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Cats and Poison Ivy

I knew we kittehs don't get poison ivy!

Only humans and primates are sensitive to urushiol.
[John Hopkins University; Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. Student Health and Wellness Center. Available at as of Sept 28, 2006.] **PEER REVIEWED**

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years #nipclub Playlist

Hello #nipclub!!!

#nipclub on Twitter.

Purrrr for New Year's Back to the Future theme I made a playlist of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin hits, the original song dey coveredz and a later version of dat same song. For example:
Song TitleoriginalClassic rocknewer
Dazed And ConfusedJAKE HOLMESLed ZeppelinMetallica

BACK TO THE FUTURE!!! Dis my moonwalk. MOL!!

As it turned out, dat set was so long dat half of it had to wait for dat next #nipclub. Dis my tweets.

New Year's Eve
Purrr First we play da original... JAKE HOLMES ~ Dazed and confused ♫
Den we GET DA LED OUT!!!! Dazed And Confused-Led Zeppelin @PepiSmartDog ♫
And da young people keep rockin' on! Metallica – Dazed and Confused ♫

The original: Blind Willie Johnson – It's Nobody's Fault But Mine ♫
GET DA LED OUT!!! Led Zeppelin – NoBodys Fault But Mine" Rock it, @livelovemeow ♫
And afterwards... The 77s perform "Nobodys Fault But Mine" at Ichthus" ♫

Next original: When The Levee Breaks – MEMPHIS MINNIE (1929)" ♫
GET DA LED OUT!!! Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks ♫
Midnight Eastern! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Purrr and da cover of da cover... Stream Of Passion – When the Levee Breaks ♫

Please welcome your first DJ of the New Year, Cap'n @OwenTheTonk!!! #nipclub #BlackPaw

DJ kittehboi takes a bow and falls out of da DJ booth. *THUNK* @OwenTheTonk

I'm off to sleep... Night all and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!

First Thursday #nipclub

Purrr I'll be your DJ for da next hour. Before I start... a sad farewell to @toughteddybear and @FeralTom who went OTRB today.
My fave pics of @toughteddybear
I have an "S" on my chest. I'm "Super Ted... on TwitpicHey @korn you think I can stop by and jam for a bit? I can re... on Twitpic

Purrrr Dis my song!! Lynyrd Skynyrd – Call Me the Breeze (live '75) ♫

#Nipclub's new charity for January is The Rescued Rescuers: Dachshunds and Friends of the Emerald Coast. Donate here

ARE YOU READY TO PAWTY? Back to the future... I am going to play THREE versions of songs Jimi Hendrix covered.

Dis da original song - Them – Gloria (Live) ♫
And dis Hendrix playing. Gloria (Studio Version) Jimi Hendrix ♫
And in da 80s it was patti smith – Gloria - Horses" ♫

Dear furends, please raise a glass to @toughteddybear and @FeralTom who went OTRB.

Dis da original song Big Mama Thornton – Hound Dog (1952) ♫
Then Jimi maked it psychedelic. Jimi Hendrix Hound Dog ♫
Please tip your barktender (that's me!) and your DJ, @kittehboi. *shakes tip jar*

SPEED!!! Scorpions Hound Dog Tokyo Tapes ♫

SPECIAL GIVEAWAY- a bag of #bacon popcorn. First to DM my new years resolution 2009.

Purrrr for our dear furends @toughteddybear and @FeralTom R.I.P. *pipes offstage* Royal Scots Dragoon Guards – Amazing Grace ♫

Nobody won the #bacon popcorn pwize. Good night all.

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