Saturday, January 23, 2010

Viva Wag Vegas Elvis PawPawty

Wow! Viva Wag Vegas Elvis #PawPawty Jan 23-24!

RSVP on Twitvite Charity = Haiti

I will be DJing 10-11am EST on Sunday 24th.

Don't forget to take da Pawpawty Quizzes! I will donate a kittehboi pet food bowl - small or large, winner's choice. My quiz will be at 08:30am EST Sunday.

Elvis performed over 800 songs.  Wikipedia has a comprehensive list, which da lady corrected. She picky.

Many of Elvis' songs were covers of popular songs, and many, MANY artists have covered Elvis. There is a great list at The Covers Project.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dudefest Playlist

Da Dudefest was a big success! Brutus raised over $600 for charity. The details are at DudeFest Jan. 16-17 Charity & Quiz.

If you didn't chip in yet, please visit DudeFest Fundraising.

#dudefest Did somebody leave a diamond bra in my cat bed last... on Twitpic
Oh, I did find dis in my cat bed the next morning. I'm a bit fuzzy on da details but I tink her name was Lola. If you see her, ask her to pick up her diamond bra.

@mattiedog was quizmaster during my shift and I did win a totally PAWSUM rubber paw stamp! It was from @understandblue. Thx you pretty lady!

@HankTheDoggy DJed too. I did shake my little tushie on da catwalk! ♫ Right Said Fred – I'm Too Sexy.

@HankTheDoggy got a bacon and squirrel birthday cake! ♫ Ice Cream and Cake Music Video.

I DJed on Sunday morning. Dis my playlist!

'nip for breakfast, dis must be Jamaica! @Quadpawd @brutusthedane Hey hey all right! Funky Kingston!!! ♫ Toots & The Maytals – Funky Kingston.

Good Golly Miss Maggie! @MaggieTKatGood Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard.

I LOVE ROCK N ROLL! ♫ Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – I Love Rock N Roll. Wow, da #Bose QuietComfort 15 Headphones kick ASS!

MR. BREEZE in da house! ♫ Lynyrd Skynyrd – Call Me the Breeze. Dancing da boogie!

Don't forget to tip your excellent barktender @OllyTed. Tips here! DudeFest Fundraising.

Dis for all da married dudes! ♫ Rodney Carrington – The Man Song. I don't take no crap from anybody but you dear...

Birthday present for @HankTheDoggy - Six packs of beer ♫ Hank Williams III – Six Pack Of Beer. Even tho I'm broke I got a six pack of beer!

REBEL REBEL ♫ David Bowie – Rebel Rebel.

Dis for dat old sot @SirFudgeEsq and my party anipals @tweetypie54 @brutusthedane @trailerparkdogs @OatieDog IT'S IT'S A BALLROOM BLITZ!!!♫ The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz.

@brutusthedane Give it up for Brutus, ladies! DudeFest Fundraising.

@bdgrlaw Grab dat cougar and swing her round! ♫ Deep Purple - Kentucky Woman.

YEAH!!!! I iz dancing on da DJ stand, Mr. Breeze is outta control!!!!

Let's rock dis pawty! Dis for @HankTheDoggy BREAK DOWN!! ♫ Foggy Mountain Breakdown--Flatt and Scruggs & Foggy Mt Boys.

My wet-brained neighbor cranes his neck to try and see... I'M OUTTA CONTROL! ♫ Megadeth – Skin O' My Teeth.

@bdgrlaw Shake shake shuffle shake ssssssspin! ♫ Jaan Pehechan-Ho by Mohammed Rafi.

Tip big! DudeFest Fundraising Help as much as you can!

Roadrunner, Roadrunner, Going faster miles an hour! Gonna drive past the Stop 'n' Shop With the radio on ♫ Jonathan Richman – Roadrunner.

SOUL CITY!!!! ♫ Southern Culture on the Skids: "Soul City". Get down, dudes! @HankTheDoggy @brutusthedane @BaronVonOdem @Gabby_da_Tabby

Let's RUMBLE! ♫ Link Wray And The Raymen – Rumble. Mr. Breeze struts off stage... hands off ladies!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

DudeFest Jan. 16-17

Don't miss the #dudefest on January 16 and 17, 2010. We are honoring @HanktheDoggy's 10th birthday. Rock on, dude!

Visit the Official Dudefest bloggy for times and schedules.

Special Guest Appearance:
da Shibbering Cheetos!

I plan to DJ from 9-11 am EST Sunday the 17th. Look for kittehboi on

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On Meddling

"Is it not in the nature of complex social systems to go wrong, all by themselves, without external cause? Look at overpopulation, look at Calhoun's famous model, those overcrowded colonies of rats and their malignant social pathology, all due to their own skewed behavior. Not at all, is my answer. All you have to do is find the meddler, in this case Professor Calhoun himself, and the system will put itself right. The trouble with those rats is not the innate tendency of crowded rats to go wrong, but the scientists who took them out of the world at large and put them in too small a box."
Lewis Thomas
"On Meddling," Lives of a Cell: Notes of a Biology Watcher.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady Bumper Sticker

Crazy Cat Lady bumper sticker
Crazy Cat Lady bumper sticker

For the crazy cat lady in your life, this bumper sticker shows her with seven of her feline companions.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twitter Anipal Finder

Now you can find your Twitter furiends on the Anipal Finder. This web page shows their names as well Clickable links twitter and Facebook.

There is also an easy form where you can add yourself to the list. It may take a day or so to be reflected on the Anipal Finder web page.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Animals As Intelligent Beings

Tuning into your pet's needs - BlogPaws

Today I found out about on a new blog for pet owners called BlogPaws. There is some mention of a conference for bloggers, writers and pet supply companies. The first emphasis brought to my attention was the SEO aspect of writing a blog. is a fun blog, and though I make sure to mention others' blogs, etc. for google juice, I don't want it to end up looking like a Peruvian circus, full of multicolored flashing and dancing adverts.

The first requirement for SEO is to have content that brings readers back. I'm trying to wrap my brain around it, to come up with an idea that goes further than "funny pictures of cats."

I have an interest in evolutionary psychology and neuropsychology, so my personal focus is on animals as intelligent, rational beings. Cats and dogs have the IQ of young children, but much more impulse control.

"C'mon, admit it - we all do it. Some of us talk to them as if they can actually understand us (I'm one of those)."

Did you catch that? The writer said "as if they can actually understand us." Apparently this person has some doubts.

Eagle is EXTINCT. So what?
What is this cat saying?

Dogs (and probably cats) have a Broca's brain or Wernicke's area, meaning they are capable of understanding speech. In practice cats have a vocabulary of around 20-30 words while dogs may be able to understand 100 or more. Animal behaviorists will tell you it's "training." 40 years ago human psychologists were behaviorists too, and explained all human behavior as learned responses to stimuli. How different *are* training and learning?

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Furiend Oatie

This is me the very first day mom and dad brought me home. My... on Twitpic

Dis my Twitter furiend @Oatiedog when she was a puppy. She so cute!
Pet Clothing