Sunday, January 20, 2013

Copyright and Content Theft

Deys a great article about copyright and content theft over on BlogPaws called Malice in Wonderland. It reminded me that although da lady is very careful on her bloggy, she is a burglar on mine.

Purrrr Always assume web content is copyright protected whether you see a copyright notice or not. The notice is a gentle reminder and little more.

If you are familiar with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, this is why it stifles creativity.
Electronic Frontier Foundation: Unintended Consequences: Twelve Years under the DMCA

You can use the TinEye reverse image search to look for your photos online.

flickr allows authors to use Creative Commons copyrights. Da lady uses lots of them on her blog with proper attribution as required. Some allow derivative works. Some can even be used for commercial works. So if you upload to flickr, make sure to set the copyleft!

You can always ask! People will let you use their stuff if you promise to link back to their site.

Da lady uses a wordpress plugin called OpenCalais Tagaroo to find pictures on flickr and suggest tags from Reuters.

I'm a bad boi. Da lady should pay more attention to da laws in my bloggy. It will be very important when (not if) someone asks me to take someting down dat I do so right away.


  1. Good article pal and I really enjoyed the other one too that you gave the link for. We have some probably illegal ones in my bloggy, but some are so old, M can't get them out - darn Blogger. It makes us mad tho because we always used Google Images and took those that didn't have a link attached innocently thinking they were okay. I feel Google is part to blame for listing those things under images making it seem everything is okay if you are the average ordinary person with no experience in this stuff. I guess if they take us down, there isn't much we can do about it. If that happens, Google will get a nice letter from M telling them how they use plenty of deception also.

    1. Oh purrr Mario dey will ask you nicely at first usually. Unless you hit da Big Time nobody gonna worry.


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