Friday, January 25, 2013

#nipclub Speakeasy

Hey there all you hep cats and hot dogs!
Are you ready to pawty?

Purrr #nipclub is for charity.
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Purrr in honor of Prohibition Era speakeasies I'm going to do an Annette Hanshaw set wif a bit of similar tunes thrown in.

I *know* you've heard most of dez toons. Dis originals or early versions.

I do lubs me some Annette Hanshaw!

Photo is in the Public Domain

  • Goodness gracious, can it be? Someone's comin back to me! Annette Hanshaw - Who's That Knocking At My Door (1927) ♫
  • Boop boop bee doo! Betty Boop – I wanna be loved by you (1928, Helen Kane) - ♫
  • Let's be outrageous... let's misbehave! Harry Reser - The Hottest Cole Porter – Let's Misbehave, (1928) ♫
  • Purrr Is efurrybody happy? Annette Hanshaw with the Ben Selvin Orchestra – Happy Days Are Here Again (1930) ♫
  • Mrs. Murphy couldn't sleep and no effing wonder!!! Harry Hipster Gibson – Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltime? (1947) ♫
  • @MoonDogMattress Purrrr Is dis your song? Hal Kemp and his Orchestra – Shine on Harvest Moon (1929) ♫
  • Purrrr Look who's here! It da boi!! Annette Hanshaw – Ain't He Sweet (1927) ♫

    @PepperPom Did mix up @Jazzydacat's pig's bum for me. Da key ingredient is fox poop.

    Jazzy's Pig's Bum

  • Purrrr You went away... Annette Hanshaw – Lover Come Back To Me (1929) ♫

    OMC, is it Tweetie's Slambarita from #chilipawty?
  • Eddie Cantor - Makin' Whoopee! (1929)
  • You may remember Ray Charles cover version. Hoagy Carmichael – Georgia on my Mind ♫
  • Purrr oh weed!! Cigarette we must all depend on... CATNIP!! Cab Calloway - Smoking Reefers (c. 1932) ♫
    I tink dem anipals are smoking rope!
    Rope used to be made from hemp. It uses much less water than cotton and grows like a weed. When Prohibition over dey had to demonize SOMETHING so they went after reefer.
    Schools don't teach history any more because they teach to the SATs.
  • Blue skies are all I see!!! Josephine Baker – Blue Skies - (1927) - Irving Berlin ♫

Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.
-- George Washington, 1794

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