Sunday, November 22, 2009

November #pawpawty Playlist

Dis my November #pawpawty playlist. I hope you enjoyed listening to it as much as I enjoyed playing it!

Let's RUMBLE! ♫ Link Wray - Rumble . Strrrrrrut! Purrrrrrrrrrrr…
Barktender can I have One Nip Julep? ♫ Ray Charles 1961 - One Mint Julep.
@flacatlady would you be my mojo box ? ;-) ♫ Southern Culture on the Skids – Mojo Box. Let's dance!
Hey, somebody want to get me a coke? ♫ Tom Waits - Heart Attack and Vine. @SnowWhiteCat This stuff'll probably kill ya, let's do another line!
Dis one for my pal @PetietheCat and his sweet @Pandafur. ♫ Danny Gatton - Sleep walk.
@MorrisCat DAM fine city! MOL! ♫ The_Fratellis - Chelsea_Dagger.
Don't mess up my threads you notty old cougars! ♫ Carl Perkins – Blue Suede Shoes. Step step spin kick jump Purrrrrrrrr!
Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel. AIR GUITAR!!!
Southern Culture On The Skids - Skullbucket .
Dis my song! ♫ Lynyrd Skynyrd – Call Me The Breeze .
Purrrrrrrrr… Black slacks, I'm a real cool Breeze! ♫ Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones – Black Slacks.
Look out ladies, da mancats are here! @petiethecat @Herbie_Cat @MariodaCat. Putting our vines on so we can look dap ♫ Sarah Vaughan – Doodlin' and dis is the hardest song to sing EVER.
Material & William S. Burroughs - Words of Advice for Young People. Interdependence is the key word, enlightened interdependence. Smokin' a nip cigar, wow man, dat good advice.
Dis some of da best bottleneck slide ever heard in rock and roll." ♫ Danny Gatton – Slide. It also THE best playing wif a towel over da guitar neck EVER, Watch da video! step step spinnnnnnnnnnnnn jump split!
@BunnyJeanCook wanna pearl necklace!" ♫ ZZ Top - Pearl Necklace.

And here some dat I didn't get to play. Sometimes an hour isn't enough!
@MaggieTDog @Kyba Here da sensitive guys #pawpawty ♫ Christine Lavin – Sensitive New Age Guys.
Trio – Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha.
WHOA da speakers on dis puter haven't worked for years and now dey playz DIS song. It makez me run fast! ♫ Modern Lovers – Roadrunner.
Crazy bout a mercree gonna cruise up an down dis road! ♫ MERCURY BLUES" K.C. DOUGLAS 1956.

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