Sunday, June 5, 2011

BlackPaw DJ set and Special Pwize

Arrrrrr @OwentheTonk 'Tis our flag! @thenascarkitty

Avast! Last week's #nipclub theme were pirates. Arrrr! I had a lot of fun as a crew member on the Black Paw, scourge of the high seas, under Cap'n @OwentheTonk! We captured da beeyootyful @Tinypearlcat and fought off the good ships. I even made a costume for @Tildatoo as well. T'is Terrible Tildatoo, t' most fearsome pirate lady-dog on twitter!

#nipclub Arrrrrrr!  'Tis a pirate's life fer me! on Twitpic  #nipclub Arrrrrr 'Tis Terrible @tildatoo, t' most f...

#nipclub Arrrrrr Trimmed and tight, wif flags flying.  It da ...

I DJed a loosely pirate/nautical-themed set from the fo'c'sle of the Black Paw from on And I gave away a Special PWIZE, a New Kingston Michael Jackson Limited Edition 2GB Kingston USB Drive Limited Release High Quality. Da pwize went to the first anipal to tweet #THISISIT when I played a Michael Jackson tune.
  1. Weigh hey and up she rises earlie in the mornin - Drunken Sailer – Irish Rovers ♫
  2. Be gone you Jack Tar! Steeleye Span – Saucy Sailor ♫
  3. Arrrrrrrr I lubs me dem Liverpool Judies! The Spinners - Liverpool Judies ♫
  4. The fate of Franklin no tongue can tell! John Renborne - Lord Franklin ♫
  5. Did somebody mention slop? The Kingston Trio: Sloop John B ♫
  6. Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew – Blow The Man Down ♫
  7. Liberian Girl – Michael Jackson ♫
  8. Renaissance – Ocean Gypsy ♫
  9. The Compulsions – Davy Jones' Locker ♫
ConCATulations to @DuchessCrabtree on winning this fabulous Limited Edition Kingston DataTraveler 2 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive with Preloaded Michael Jackson THIS IS IT Movie.

My birfday is on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, September 19th. Purrrr I mean Arrrr!

Find dis nipclub on Twapperkeeper.


  1. I had a WONDERFUL time at that pawty! @Mariodacat kidnapped me! But I was in their spa so it was alright. I swashbuckled and made kitties go up to the plank. Couldn't make 'em walk though.

  2. It was a terrific pirate pawty, so much fun! I really loved my outfit, thanks again matey!


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