Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farewell @BunnyJeanCook

Farewell to Bunny Jean Cook

Oh oh oh we lost a dear furend today!  Bunny Jean Cook did cross RB.

I loved dat pretteh bunneh. She always had the BEST costumes and she a GREAT DJ.

@PepiSmartDog greeted her at Rainbow Bridge and is showing her around. We hope dat when she gets settled OTRB she will stop down to DJ at #nipclub.

Best wishes to her mom and her cats.


  1. Beautiful tribute, Breeze. I loved her too. I can't wait til she stops in from OTRB to DJ. *ducky hugs*

  2. Beautiful tribute to Bunny Jean Cook. I didn't know her till now and even I feel like I have lost a furriend.

  3. Wonderful tribute Breeze. Thanks for brightening up our day this morning by playing many of her tunes. And, the music goes on even tonight. Talk about a tribute.


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