Norty Cougar Award

It is with great pleasure that I announce the winners of the Norty Cougar Award. The award consists of a mention here on my bloggy, a 5x3 Norty Cougar sticker which I will snail mail, and a button for your web site or bloggy.

Purrrr if dis page offensive to you, please click away. kthxbai!

NORTY NORTY COUGARS! Don't you know da lady helps me type?

Maggie Tortie Kat ‏@MaggieTKat
@kittehboi @MavTheTiger It's a long running, um, thing, if you know what I mean....
@MaggieTKat all in Maggie's head! MOL!!! @kittehboi
8/20/2012jazzydacatTwitter: "@kittehboi @ShivaandJaya @BorisKitty @CathyKeisha @Sisfurcats Ize would roll over and think of England! XXXXXX"
2/1/2012understandblueTwitter: "I wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow is Work Naked Day. I'm not making this up. Go ahead and call in sick tonight...."
12/11/2011MeadowMoonTwitter: "If you hear a buzzing sound, take it as an invitation. #naughtygirlthoughts"
9/2/2011IAmGumballsWifeTwitter: "@kittehboi MEOWGRITAS AND 6 GRAM ROCKS LATER"
8/31/2011shivaandjayaTwitter: "@kittehboi Hell no. We even had Secretary against Anipal Abuse @boriskitty squeeze our bums during #pawpawty"
Shiva & Jaya's Bloggy:
The illustrious Norty Cougar Award goes to…
7/11/2011bdgrlawTwitter: "@PantherQueen @indykitty @ChrisGroove1 Raging Bull in my Pants #improvefilmtitlesbyaddinginmypants"
1/31/2011JoannTheRedheadTwitter: "To observe Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (yeah, there is too such a thing) I'm gonna make a dress out of bubble wrap and have clothes-on sex."
da ladyDa lady do getz da Lifetime Achievement award cuz she do make dem norty #pawpawty pixchurs for me.
12/10/2010@inquarters14Twitter: "@kittehboi I'll still dress as the Lakers' champion ring for the game!"
@ChatteMuse Yes I'm a dancing champion ring! on Twitpic
2/9/2010@flacatlady10Twitter:"I have to say I gave my heart to Mr. Cat but @kittehboi would certainly make a fun weekend fling MOL."
2/9/2010@CJdoggirlTwitter: "Well, humans might be to hi maintenance in general. You probably expect a little nip & a couple licks will do it."
2/9/2010@CathyKeishaTwitter: "OK, who's into S&M here? Kittehboi?"

Winners, you are eligible to copy and paste this code onto your bloggy or webby page.
<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"><a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" ct="true" src="" width="200" /></a></div>
Change dat width number to make it fit your bloggy.

Note: If da linky on your page stopped working, please cut and paste again. Thx you muchly!

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