Thursday, March 25, 2010

Facebook Hates Dogs Too

You may remember that in August 2009 Facebook deleted my account. I blogged it as Facebook Hates Cats. I contacted The Facebook Team and Jasmin told me:
According to our Terms of Use, Facebook profiles are intended for personal use by people over the age of 13 only.

Well, it turns out that Facebook Hates Dogs too. My friend Sydpie's account was deleted and she's very upset about it. She blogged the experience as I've Been Evicted By Facebook.

Anipals and Facebook furends, please make sure you keep a backup of your photos and links just in case. Da lady had copies of all my photos but hasn't found all my Facebook furends yet and my linkys are gone. I don't believe Facebook is combing through accounts looking for animals but if something (or someone) draws their attention to your account it will be deleted. Hint: Someone complained about my groundhog day post and got them to block me from importing it. Ask me how I got around it. MOL!!!

So if you get deleted you have a couple of options.
The BEST part of all this NOT! is that I can still look at my deleted account through da lady's cell phone Facebook app. I think that means they kept my photos for their own use. sulk sulk sulk


  1. I just think that is rotten what happened to you and SydPie. I'm going to follow your suggestions. Hope you can get back in, if dat's what you want to do. M just changed personal name to mine about 3 months ago. Wonder if I'll get the ax too.

  2. We don't like Facebook so much any mores. Grrrr on them.

  3. awww that's so not cool. :( no wonder a couple of my furends disappeared for no reason.

  4. Great Blog Breeze! Nice of you to remind anipals to back up their pics. Those are the hardest to replace.

  5. Thank you for posting this. It was really horrible experience...I lost a lot of friends when I got deleted... *sniffles* They told me that too 'Facebook profiles are intended for personal use by human individuals over the age of 13 only. We do not allow users to maintain accounts on the behalf of entities that are ineligible to use the site according to these terms (such as pets, stuffed animals, etc.) blah blah blah...' I haven't got over it yet and try to keep a low profile...

  6. Mom just started doing some Facebook ads for her business account. Hmmm. Maybe she will stop sending them money!!

  7. Better yet, I bet My Space would love to have us. Some of the emails mom gets from them sounds a little desperate. You can do more fun stuff with their pages too.

  8. Oh Lou, I'm sorry it hit you so hard! It a really bad business decision on their part!

    Da lady didn't use Facebook much for a couple of months afterward either.


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