Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twitter Anipal Finder

Now you can find your Twitter furiends on the Anipal Finder. This web page shows their names as well Clickable links twitter and Facebook.

There is also an easy form where you can add yourself to the list. It may take a day or so to be reflected on the Anipal Finder web page.


  1. i just entered mai info - let me nose if it worked. fanks!

  2. I will has to try it later coz dogbook is brokened and I cannot get my url - grrrrr.

  3. oh oh - I hate to say dis, but I don't know who to do dis! It's way over my head. I tried click on the google docs above, but when I tried to enter info, nothing happened. It's not your site, it's me. Don't know what I'm doing again!

  4. Mario, I'm testing it, maybe it's broken.

    When you click the picture it should show you a form with spaces for you to type your name etc. Is that what you see?

  5. Sorry - M is trying to get dinner going at the same time. When What pic do I click on. I clcked on the list of animals, but I can't add to the list.

  6. Maybe Mario had the same problem as me. I was trying to update the actual Google doc as opposed to clicking on the picture. Can you make the blog column wrap too (otherwise I can't see whole addresses).

    Great idea! Thanks!


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