Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Duckie Club

I haz a duck!

When I first came to live here I tried to play with the grumpy old sisfurcats but they gotz all upset. So the lady bought me a ducky.

I love my ducky. Sometimes we wrassle like in this picture taken when I was a few months old.
I haz a duckie! on Twitpic

And sometimes we take a nap like in this picture from a few weeks ago.
Mr. Breeze loves his duck. on Twitpic

When I joined Twitter (@kittehboi) earlier this year I met all kinds of anipals. Many of them have duckies. Some of them, like my furiend @GeorgetheDuck, are duckies!

Back in August somebody told me about The Duckie Club, where there is a video of anipals and their duckies. It sounded like great fun, but my ducky didn't have a name yet!

Today I finally thought of a name for my ducky. His name is Sir Francis Duck, @SirFrancisDuck on Twitter.

Best of all, @BorisKitty and @ShawneeShep got me set up in @Manxington's #DuckyClub. I am so proud to be a member.

Look for me at 4:15 / 5:03 in The Duckie Club Movie Volume VIII.

These are more recent videos. I lovez my ducky.

@SirFrancisDuck asked me to tell you that he is a Hartz Nature'S Collection Bird and is a dog toy. Da neighbor's dog has the same duck and carries him everywhere.

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  1. Hey! Ur duckie makes noises! Nice videos my pal. Glad you are in the Duckie Club!


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