Saturday, September 26, 2009

HAY #pawpawty People!

American Goth-twit on Twitpic
American Goth-twit

Hey, anipals! Don't miss this weekend's Farm-themed #pawpawty on Twitter! If you're new to it, you'll need a free desktop app like Seesmic or in-browser app like HootSuite to follow the party tweets.

Please go to the official #pawpawty page, PawPawty: Helping Anipals Around the World One Paw at a Time. If you can, sign up do be a DJ or a Barktender. Remember, it's for a good cause!

Be sure to follow @kittehboi as I will be DJing as kittehboi on at 5PM Saturday.

Be sure to follow my duckie @SirFrancisDuck as he will be Barktending at 7AM Sunday.

Can we get a chorus of ♫ Green Acres?

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