Friday, March 21, 2014

#NipClub Jass Club

@kittehboi & @mariodacat escort @bea_bells
into #NipClub Roaring 20s Jass Club

Purrr I hadz so much fun DJing at #Nipclub last night! Lots of my pals were there too! Tell me if I've missed anyone...
@AngelPhi and Sadie, @Moo ❤️phi 4ever, ‏@ Mario, @Tiger Tommy, ‏@cheryl stone da ferts!!, ‏@Shayna, @Dylan, ‏@Tiny Pearl, ‏@Autumn, ‏@Isagold Button

Doin da Charleston at #nipclub Roaring 20s!

OMC dey noms, drinkys and lots of 'Nip!


Dis my playlist. You musts be 18 in dog's years. MOL!!
dirty blues playlist by Breezy Boi on Grooveshark

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