Monday, March 17, 2014

An Apology To #NipClub

Da following is my own opinion. This is not the opinion of #nipclub management or staff. It is mine and mine alone.

Dear #nipclub pals,

I am so sorry I couldn't make my DJ shift on Thursday. I am especially sorry dat @brodie_dog took my shift. I feel anxious and guilty dat I let you all meet hims.

As you know, @brodie_dog and his hooman @bipolarlioness have been soliciting funds on twitter for over two years. Dat is a very long crisis, one that could have been solved in real life instead of dragging it out for years through our donations on twitter. You can't even offer advice cuz she gonna calls you names like "troll" or "bully" curse at you and threaten lawsuits. Sometimes it sound as if she a bully herself.

I became aware of the extent of her verbal violence last summer and when I started to research I found dat she banned from Pawfleet. Can you believe it? Dey so nice at Pawfleet!

"It has come to my attention that a former member of Pawfleet has continually taken to Twitter to ask for a financial bailout for their own frequent, repeated poor financial decisions. We all know someone who’s life is always constantly in crisis…this individual used to be ours until the decision ultimately had to be made to remove this individual from our ranks."

Pawfleet not angry but I am. I do not hide who my hooman is but if I did, revealing it would be emotional abuse. Bipolarlioness made a point of cursing me out by my hooman's name.

WARNING: Obscenity. Do not enlarge if you are kind and gentle.

His friends also obscene when dey defends him. I don't believe this is a sock puppet.
@brodie_dog this is what your friend said. #wlf

What I am asking is dat if you met brodie on #nipclub during my absence Thursday night, that you read some of his and bipolarlioness past tweets - 2012 and 2013 - yourself before blindly following because you met at #nipclub. Twitter advanced search can help.

I have been informed dat brodie dissed WLF. He told me dey not helpin him but I didn't know why.


  1. You are NOT responsible for what others do and have no need to apologize. When others are cruel or mean or nasty, it is their choice to be that way. Not yours. You have no control over them. Don't worry 'bout it. We all understand.


  2. It not your fault panfurbro. Efurry1 been around da past 2 years or more knows about dis. Da 'portant fing is dat newer pals dat not know is informed! *PURRRRRRRRS*


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