Tuesday, August 14, 2012

To Mohnton, PA: TNR, don't kill!

Ask the Borough of Mohnton, PA to TNR feral cats, NOT kill them!

 The Borough of Mohnton, PA has decided to murder its feral cat population rather than use more humane, less expensive options.  Please click the link above to sign a petition on The Petition Site.  A nice letter helps.  No cursing them out or wishing heartsticks on them as that only makes them dig their heels in.  Remember Belfast's reaction to death threats.

This is my letter.  Be sure to mention the TNR option and prices if you want details.

I see that someone in your organization has an unreasoning fear of cats that caused him or her to push the rest of you into signing an order to trap and kill all ferals.

Rather than take advantage of public and private funds available for inexpensive Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) programs, you plan to have bungling minimum wage people kill the cats at great expense to the borough. 
"No Nonsense Neutering www.nnnlv.org received a $35,000 grant for Berks County free-roaming cats. Fairchild Foundation asks for a $35 donation PER cat, which is still less expensive than the $50 that the Berks County in PA is paying to KILL ferals."

It is simply wrong for you to exterminate feral cats as if they were cockroaches, not when there are other, less expensive options available.

Please reconsider.
Via Kelly Hoffman and Boris Kitty.

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