Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pets in Hot Cars

You steps out of your car into a hot parking lot. In da car next to yours is a big happy goggie. 'Cept he lookin really sad cuz it ~~hot~~ in dat car. What do you do?

Hoomans, we has to tell you every year. Please don't leave pets or children in the car on a summer day. "But I cracked the window," you say. IT NOT GOOD ENOUGH. "But I was only in the store for a few minutes," you say. IT NOT GOOD ENOUGH. "But I parked in the shade," you say. NOT EFFING GOOD ENOUGH!!

Purrr Here some information for pet staff and parents of hooman children.

AVMA tips on helping pets survive a heat wave

“Signs of heat stroke include hard panting, staggering gate, rapid heartbeat, listlessness, restlessness, dark red or purple gums and tongue, and vomiting. If you suspect your pet has heat stroke, put a cold towel around their neck, get them into an air conditioned car and get them to the veterinarian as quickly as possible.”

Heatstroke | In and Around The Car | Keeping Kids Safe | Parents Central
"Even cool temperatures in the 60s can cause the temperature to rise well above 110° Fahrenheit inside your car. The inside temperature can rise almost 20 degrees within the first 10 minutes."

Rear-facing Car Seats May Increase Risk of Hot Car Death
"According to the Free Press, a 1990s campaign to get more kids in rear-facing seats was accompanied by a spike in hot car deaths."

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