Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kittehbaybeh WebCam

We did foster two kittehbaybehs. Dey hadz dey own web cam. Now dem kittehs haz gone back to da rescue to find furrever homes. Goodbye and good luck, Ty and Reena!

Do you want more information on raising orphaned or abandoned kittehbaybehs? I strongly suggest that you call your vet for advice. Another invaluable resource is http://kitten-rescue.com/.

CAVEAT: I am not an expert. Really, do contact your vet or a local rescue for advice.

You'll find a list of supplies and resources in the Raising Orphans section on my Amazon store.

Updated 12/3/2016 to correct Youtube link and to remove reference to defunct rescue. :-(


  1. On darn - mechanical problem. No video.

  2. Hi Mario. I KNOWW!!! It seems to go into a weird mode when I go away. The free version of the software doesn't also come with free support.

    http://yawcam.com/ btw.

  3. Hahaha - I bet those little rascals cut the power for some privacy.... or they've tied you up & robbed you blind & didn't want no one to see 'em do it. ;)

  4. That just MOLs a cyoot meltdown!

    Such cosmic kittehbaybehs...Mewww!


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