Monday, July 4, 2011

i can haz revoLOLshun

We cats just wants to make sure da hoomans completely understand what is expected of dem. For dat reason, a few of us kittehs got together and wrote

Da CATifesto covers everyting from the Basics to Good Karma. Make sure your hooman reads it on da revoLOLshun bloggy!

My favorite items are
  • If cats wish to occupy hooman space, they will stay put untils we are ready to get up.
  • Cats will sleep in da big bed wif da hoomans. Hoomans are allowed to sleep on da floor if da cats wish to stretch out.
  • Dem sleepy hoomans' must wake up when da morning birds start chirping. (Also known as breakfast time).
  • Da hoomans will buy lots of cat toys to keep us entertained and intellectually stimulated.
  • All homes will maintain a birdfeeder. (High-rise dwellers may apply for a waiver.)
  • We will accessorize clothing, furniture, quilts, etc. with fur or other substances if we wish to.
  • A shrimpie a day keepz dat V-E-T away. Special treats including shrimp, beef tenderloin or tuna sashimi will be offered at least twice a week.
  • Catnip will be provided in unlimited quantities.
  • Hoomans can be demoted to "food dispenser."
Join da revoLOLshun today!

Create a special revoLOLshun avatar using one of these:

Face-in-Hole stripe:

Face-in-hole Hot Dog:

Face-in-hole continental soldier:

Don't forget da Mexican revoLOLshun:

Russian revoLOLshun Face in hole:

Face-in-hole AK:
Face-in-hole Glock:

Face-in-hole continental soldier:

Be sure to read da CATifesto on dat revoLOLshun bloggy!

And HAPPY JULY 4th!!!


  1. Da RevoLOLshun should rock da world! You got a catastic collection on dis post for Da RevoLOLshun. Cats Unite! Stand up for your rights! purrrrr now, where is my food? Dat mom needs soooo much training.

  2. FaRADaY: We gonna go tellz Mommy right now we needs us a RevoLOLshun!!!


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