Thursday, March 17, 2011

smellface tiger contesty!

UPDATE May 22, 2011:
Still no winner! Come on #pawpawty people, put you paws in da ayah!
Contest extended to June 1st

  smellface tiger contesty!  

kleen littrbocks plz

smellface tiger Mug

  Win a custom mug.  

How to enter:
  • Click the smellface tiger above to caption him at
  • Post the cheezeburger url in a reply to this bloggy. Note that blogger won't let you post the picture in the reply. Post a link to the page.
    Optional: Blog him and post the linky instead of a cheezeburger linky.
  • I'll roll them all into this post and run a poll next week so we all can pick the best caption.
  • The winner gets his or her design on a mug similar to the one pictured.


  1. Hahahaha - this is hilarious! Please let us know who wins!

  2. Hiya Breeze dude!
    I wanna enter your contest but I don't know what I'm doing - not unusual. Unfamiliar with the site & only see where to leave a comment for you ~ which BTW, you made a purrfect caption for the pic. :)

  3. Purrrrrr You haz to make a comment here and post da linky to your smellface tiger.

  4. Thanks buddy, hope we did this right!


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