Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good vs. Evil

Good vs Evil @kittehboi @CheshireK on Twitpic
Good vs Evil @kittehboi @CheshireK
@BorisKitty made dis great pixchur!

@kittehboi says...DO IT! @CheshireK says...dunt do it!

Boris says @CheshireK @kittehboi u too do makes a gr8 pairs! maybe u could be ma conscience one on each shoulder! MOL

@kittehboi Demon kitteh *whispers* Jump on da table! Take a shrimpiez! dey won't miss just one!
Don't listen to @CheshireK or you'll be eating nothing but dry kibble.


  1. Oh gosh, I just hate when I has those conflikshuning voices in my hed!

  2. I like treats. I think kitties should eat treats. We should think twice about table scraps, however. You never know what those humans are getting into.


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