Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cat and Dog Foods

Thx to my goggie friend @Bellemia for making me think about this.

Did you know that goggies like vegebals and fruits and berries in the wild? Goggies are omnivores like their humans. So you guys could eat at the table wif your humans and it would be healthy for you. Kittehs aren't so lucky.

CATS can't digest vegebals. Since we can't get vitamins out of vegebals we haz to eats dem predigested out of other animals' bellies. NOMNOMNOM! You call it vomit, I call it a side dish. MOL! We carnivores are MAJORLY disgusting, n'est-ce pas?

We cats don't need carbs. Grain in cat food might as well be styrofoam. At least styrofoam wouldn't contribute to diabetes.

The lady thinks we can tell by the taste exactly what by-products are in canned food. She should make her own homemade cat food and freeze in meal-sized packages. I hope she doesn't add a "side dish" to the packages.

So goggies, remember to tell your moms that it's healthy for goggies to eat at the table wif hoomans. MOL!



  1. I only likes veggietabuls if they is cooked and mixed in wif somefing, like the Merricks canned dawg food wot has fwoots and veggietabuls in it. That is nommy. But raw veggietabuls strate up - BLECH!

  2. I think vegetables are excellent with live fish or frogs.


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