Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Map showing Catless, Northumberland, UK Catless in Northumberland

There is a place in Northumberland, UK called Catless. This doesn't mean there are no cats there. The name actually means "the place where you find cats" as it derives from the name "Cat Leas". The cats referred to would be the native wildcat of Northern England, the Scottish Wildcat, Felis silvestris silvestris syn. Felis silvestris grampia.

According to Wikipedia,
The Scottish wildcat differs from a domestic cat by its heavier, more robust skull and longer limb-bones. It is also larger in body size, but with a shorter gastrointestinal tract. Its fur is distinctly solid-striped with a tabby patterning. It has a bushy, ringed tail that is black at the tip, blunt, and without stripes. It does not have any white markings like a domestic cat, neither stripes on the cheeks and hind legs, nor spotted undersides or coloured backs of ears.
'Kendra', a young Scottish Wildcat,
at the British Wildlife Centre, 2011
By Peter Trimming from Croydon, England
Kendra, CC BY 2.0, Link
Kendra, with one of her kittens
Photographed at the British Wildlife Centre,
Newchapel, Surrey.
By Peter Trimming - Scottish wildcats
Uploaded by Mariomassone, CC BY 2.0, Link
See more of Peter Trimming's Scottish Wildcat photos on Flickr.


  1. Cute wildcats. Catless, from cat leas.... I learned something new today.


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