Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Tools: Automagically Tweet New Bloggy Posts

Purrr You may have noticed that when I post to different blogs it automatically tweets the title and link. Here are some apps I use, in no particular order.

  • Feedburner grabs the rss feed from ANY site that offers rss or atom feeds. Best part is you don't have to log in as it's part of google. Feedburner provides options for readers to subscribe to your site, i.e. get email notifications, and it provides limited options for automatically sharing on social media. I use it for
    @OwentheTonk's Black Paw
    Adventures of Toby Baboon
    Call Me the Breeze
    MiniBreeze Visitz!
    Put Your Paws In Da Air!
  • dlvr.it Grabs the rss feed and shares it to a wider assortment of social networks than Feedburner. The free version is great for personal use. 1 user, post to 2 different social media sites from 3 blogs. I currently post to twitter and my facebook page from the following blogs.
    #ChiliPawty Blog
    Call Me the Breeze
    Put Your Paws In Da Air
  • IFTTT is a free platform that helps all your products and services work better together. There are hundreds of widgets that do everything from tweeting rss feed items to sending news to your android phone. (I am not presently using it for personal accounts.)

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