Sunday, November 25, 2012

Verifying Bloggy on Pinterest

Purrrr My furends been asking me to join Pinterest. Dis a new site da do in pixchurs what technorati and digg do wif linkys. I guess it for people who can't read?

Anyway, I added my bloggy in da Pinterest settings and it didn't know how to verify blogspot! Using da magic of redirects I convinced blogger to serve a page as da verify page. You can too, and dis how.

Clicky da pixchurs to see dem bigger.

  1. First sign into Pinterest and go to your settings page.
    Fill in your blggy address and click da Verify Website button.
  2. Da next page tells you a file to download, so download it. Mine is pinterest-fd2f5.html.
    Leave da window open because you will come back to it later.
    Pinterest says to upload dat file to your website. We can't do dis on blogger. Oh no!!!!
  3. Don't be sad! We will fool blogger. Open dat html file you downloaded in your favrit text editor, i.e. Notepad. Select all and copy to da blogger page.
  4. Now in blogger create a new page and paste all demz stuff from da html file. Make the title the same as the file name. Publish!
  5. Ok, now is da trick. View dat page you just published. Copy the URL in da browser address bar. Mine is
  6. Now you will go to BLOGGER settings. What you will do is tell blogger to redirect. Dis mean when somebody tries to see a page, you direct dem to another page. And dat page is how Pinterest verifies your bloggy! So go to
    Blogger Dashboard » Settings » Search Preferences » Errors and Redirection » Custom Redirects » Edit.
    When you fill it in, "from" is da name of da page Pinterest expects. "to" is da address of da bloggy page you just published and copied. "Save Changes."
  7. Almost done!!!
    Remember dat Pinterest setting window I told you to leave open? Go back and
    "Click here to complete the process"
    Pinterest should give you a big friendly message.

Purrr If dis works for you, please leave a comment. If not, talk to me on twitter and if I have time I can walk you through it.

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