Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dealing with #nipclub spammers

There's always the old fashioned way to deal with spammers too.
@DuchessCrabtree and @SnoopDoggDoxie.

Purrrr dem spammers is at it again. It really important for all #nipclub anipals to cooperate when one starts talking to us. Here is how.

  1. Follow Twitter's spam-watch account now so you ready later.

  2. Wait for spammer to talk to you using #nipclub. Let's say he named @455h013.
    @455h013: @kittehboi You wantz to buy poops!!
  3. Shout out to your anipals.
    #nipclub #SEKURITY spammer @455h013
  4. When you see hashtag #SEKURITY, send a direct message to @spam. DON'T copy spam message!!!
    DM SPAM @455h013
  5. We have to all tell @spam at once and @spam kicks dat norty spammer right off twitter. If we act together we can do this!

1 comment:

  1. I usually just hit BLOCK AND REPORT FOR SPAM on their dropdown menu. I had to lock my account again cos there scuzzy humans wanting to follow me. Lots of spammers on blogging too recently.


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