Friday, May 18, 2012

Angel @JinJinDoggy

We did lose our dear furend JinJinDoggy yesterday. She was elderly but in good health. It sure took me by surprise.


I will always remember JinJin as my secksy angel.


A white rose for JinJin


Purrrr JinJin was a longtime member of #nipclub staff. I will leave dis rose on da bar where she used to work in her memory tonight.



  1. What a great tribute pal. Love the angel costume too - that would be JinJin.

    1. Hey, Mario! I made that costume for JinJin for a pawty a couple of years ago! On Thursday I cropped it for da bloggy and made da broken heart avatar too.

      Some folks treat pets as *pets* but a lot of us give our animals full status as members of the family.

      My condolences to mama and Pixel.


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