Monday, December 26, 2011


Hanging Xmas cards! @petiethecat @mariodacat @jazzydacat @boriskitty @cjdoggirl @bdgrlaw on Twitpic
Thx so much to my furiends @petiethecat @mariodacat @jazzydacat @boriskitty @cjdoggirl and @bdgrlaw for da wonderful cards. I loves you guys! Hey Mario, is it true Santa smells like Hank's bacon beer and burnt rope?

It was nice seeing old friends and meeting new friends at #Ca... on Twitpic

Merry Merry Crispmouse to my anipals! Dat #CatmasEve pawty was a lot of fun! Da lady has been busy but she let me hang out for a while. And when she couldn't sleep she let me stop in again. It was nice talking to some old furends AND meeting some new ones.

If you missed #catmasEve because your hoomans had some unimportant holiday stuff to attend to, you can still donate to the charity, Black Cat Rescue, from Flicka47's bloggy, Flicka da Cookie Cafe.


  1. WOW - I sure missed a good pawty and so many of my pals there too. Darn peeps for having other plans.

  2. Catmas Eve pawty was pawsome and I'm glad you got to stop in for a while. Happy New Year my furriend!

  3. Catmas Eve is prolly my fave pawty of the year! Great pals, but I prolly overdid the nip nog. I'm just meowing.


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