Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Caplin ROUS, famous capybara, dies in Texas

My good furend Caplin ROUS died today. Caplin was a capybara, a large South American rodent, who lived in Texas. He was probably the most famous capybara in the world. And he was da undisputed King of da Rodents.

Caplin has lots of videos on Youtube but my favrit was da one where he trained his owner to feed him popsicles on demand!

Caplin did have a bloggy called Capybara Madness: A Pet Capybara's View of the World. Dem capyes is awfully cute, but if you wants to bring one home, read a bit about da care involved in keeping one. Remember dem capys is 100 lb hamsters. Sort of.

Caplin's owner wrote a book called The Adventures of Celeste the Cat: Celeste and the Giant Hamster which is about a lucky cat who gets to meet a capybara. I likes it lots.

Here more books about capybaras.


  1. I'm so sad bout Cappy - such a sweetie. Thank you for doing this beautiful post and running the video. I like to think of him as a gentle giant of the rodent world.

  2. I iz beary sad to losin ma pal Caplin. Himz wuz da bestest biggest rodent i did ever knows.

  3. I was very sad to hear about Caplin Rous..RIP.


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