Wednesday, July 28, 2010

@PetieTheCat Twibbon

@PetieTheCat Twibbon
To show our love and support of sweet Petie kitty.

Our dear furend @PetieTheCat is very ill. Petie is a 15 year old orange tabby who has diabetes and kidney failure. He is in crisis now, hiding in da closet not wanting to be touched. We hopin' da antibiotic and da pain pills gonna make him feel better.

I love dat Petie's sweet little giggle and da way he gives his @Pandafur dem "hugs kissey noze". (She's da pretty ladycat in da hat wif da heart near lower left corner.)

Please add da @PetieTheCat Twibbon to your twitter avatar to show your love for dear Petie.

Da anipals are sitting on dat Petie's porch sending healing purrrrrrs and hoping for da best for him.

We are all sitting quietly on @Petiethecat porch. @no_crybaby... on Twitpic
Photo is by @Chattemuse by way of @danapixie


It took a couple of days but our dear Petie recovered. Yay!


  1. if you can pls add me 2 da porch, if u can't , I am der N spirit !!

  2. This is my article about Petie's mom: Talk to the Hand: @Petiethecat’s Mom, Louise — The Anipal Times

    Love, Maggie

  3. I think they took dat porch pixchur before I got dere too. Da pixchur by @Chattemuse.

    Um, I didn't see any angel food cake either. sulksulksulk


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