Sunday, December 13, 2009

Video: Hungry Cats

Hungry Cats

Dis video a Japanese stop-action animation called "Harapeko Neko Neko." Da two cats are trying to tell their hooman what dey wants to nom. Dey pretty strange cats, as tall as dat hooman and dey haz zippers in da back!

Even funnier dan da video is dat geeky deconstruction on a NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) TV show. Dis kittehboi will neber eber understand dem Japanese.

Engrish translation by Yahoo Babelfish.
The person of motif and this movie, cat the feeling which has been made foolish going hand in hand (in good sense,) the [te] it was good. When you look at the collapse of last set, when “the lie where entertainment and the movie were after all made” is, the thought [wa] it is done keenly, (you think too much kana? ). You think two writers thinks that the head and sense are good, that and, also degree of completion of the work itself is high. We want becoming “the Cohen sibling” of the doll animation boundary.

Although expression of the cat does not change, the feeling which is gotten angry having come out enormously, it was even the excessively funny work. Also song is good!

While the cat, is a little larger than the human which to do, the bull bull the place where it approaches in the uncle does not accumulate!!

It can enjoy everyone, “the [u] of everyone it is” PV of the wind. The song which has the agitation just a little to be lovely weirdness the humorous place. Betraying development expectation in [ii] sense, it was funny.

See more incomprehensible videos at NHK "Digital Stadium."

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