Friday, February 25, 2011

A Pwize from Nutro!

Oh oh oh Dat @natalieatnutro did have a contesty for most interesting cat bed! Mine is da top of da armoire. Da pixchur won a gift box from the Nutro Company! Da gift box contained a bag of Feline Greenies treats, a bag of Nutro Natural Choice for cats, a Nutro tote bag, and a couple of nommable mousie toys.

Oh oh oh Dem sisfurcats tried to steal my gifts! Dey been pounding down the Natural Choice.

Please I can haz Greenies? I loves dem bery much!

Thx you for da Greenies! Dey do keeps my needle-sharp fangs white and scary!

Sharing my Greenies wif @sisfurcats Bugs Bunny. Miss Natalie sent us savory Salmon flavor and we pestered da lady all day for more. I also likes da Oven-Baked Chicken flavor and Bugs prefers Tempting Tuna.

Purrrr Hellooooo ladies! Would you like some of my noms?

It goes wifout saying dat da gift box was fun to play in and we spread da packing material all over da living room.


  1. Wowzer that is one pawsome pwize. We love the folks at Nutro!!! I like the box, maybe I can ask mom if I can some visit....


  2. Dude, you is in heaven!!! *drool* Greenies....

  3. What a great prize... or prizes... You are very lucky. Have a great wweekend.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. conCATulations! That is so COOL! Love your cat bed, too - great vantage point and warm up there!

    Great pix, thanks for sharing. xoxox

  5. What a wonderful time you all had and, yesh, da ladies of our house would really and really likes to share some of your noms☺