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REPOST from 2010 - #Chilipawty for 13th Birfday

Dis a repost from da first #chilipawty in 2010.

Cinco De Mayo #Chilipawty on May 5, 2010.
New Time: 2-10PM EDT

DJs, Barktenders needed
Cinco De Mayo #Chilipawty Home Page

Dat grumpy old sisfurcat Chilipepper gonna be 13 years old on May 6, 2010. Dat her real birfday. Her mama was feral and da lady's friend put a box out for da mama to use. Cats are pragmatic, dat mama had Chilipepper and her brovver Mr. Spooky and 4 other little black kittens in a box on her porch. Da mama know da hoooman loved kittehs and could keep dem safe while she hunted.

Chilipepper and her brofurcat Spooky 1997.
@Sisfurcats Chilipepper and her brofurcat Mr. Spooky as tiny kittens in 1997. Wasn't she sweet? She was da runt of da litter.

Mr. Spooky and Miss Chilipepper 1998
Dis Mr. Spooky and Chilipepper hanging out on da sofa in 1998. He had a kangaroo tail! He did take care of his little sister. Mr. Spooky crossed RB in 1999. Chilipepper went on walkabout looking for him and was in bad shape when she found her way home 9 days later. She healed up ok, but didn't talk for several months. Poor Miss Chilipepper.

In 2002 Miss Chilipepper had a medical emergency. Her back end was paralyzed one morning when she woke up and she started having seizures. Da lady did reiki on her all da way to Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Neurology. Chili was in vhosp for several days. We don't know what happened, but da hoomans no longer use harsh cleaners or lawn chemicals and are very scared of spot-on flea treatments.

Chilipepper's back end iz weak since den and hurts sometimes. On bad days she can be very grumpy but we do love her anyway.

Chilipepper enjoying the spring sunshine.
Da Chilipepper do have a nice life. She likes to hang out in da garden wif da lady and also likes to lie on da porch letting the sun warm her bones. I have been acting as her personal trainer since I got here in 2007. She is much more spry now.

Maybe da lady will make her a great big tuna cake wif salmon cream cheese icing and shrimp filling.

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