Friday, May 9, 2014

#MiniBreeze At BlogPaws!!

@wallasEkatt and #miniBreeze wif
@pumpkinpuddy's Barnabus and Lippe Jr.

MiniBreeze Visitz! At #BlogPaws wif @wallasekatt and @pumpkinpuddy's furends

OMC! #MiniBreeze is pawtying like a rock star at #Blogpaws in Las Vegas!

Purrr @pumpkinpuddy's mom took #MiniBreeze with his pals Barnabus and Lippe Jr. Dey had a meetup wif my pal @WallasEKatt.

Rumor has it BlogPaws will be in Nashville in 2015. Sounds like fun!

Photo credits:
Where Pets Are Found

1 comment:

  1. Mini Breeze, you are so lucky. I'm wishing Mini me couild have gone. M is wishing she could have gone too. Nashville, would be closer for us too


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