Sunday, May 1, 2011

Undercover Mouse

This Undercover Mouse is great!  @BorisKitty @kittehboi on Twitpic

Da lady got me a great toy from It called Undercover Mouse and I could watch it for hours!

Dem sisfurcats like to jump on it.

Undercover Mouse is a battery-operated electronic device with a wand that spins around under a sheet. The motor tolerates being stopped and held in place by a cat with no problem at all. We haven't managed to break the wand yet and the 3 AA batteries last a lot longer than you'd expect.


  1. he he - is that you Breeze trying to catch it? I has one of those too, and they are fun.

  2. Mario, I likes to watch it. Bugs is the hunter in da fambly. She's da stripey cat. Da lady fraid Bugs gonna break da Undercover Mouse!

    It pretty durable, actually, and da batteries last really long!

  3. MOL! Love this! Get 'em Bugs!


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